Meet the Couple Whose Orgasms Can Last up to 18 Hours

Scott and Melanie McClure may look like your typical couple-next-door but this duo from Texas is anything but ordinary. Very much in love with each other they have found the perfect way to express their love in a way different than most couples. Sure it involves them having sex like every normal couple does but they don’t just get intimate, orgasm, roll over and go to sleep. They keep going on extending their orgasmic state for up to eighteen hours! No, we are not kidding, it is true. It happened.

They have been married for 8 years and one would think that the magic would have fizzled out by now but the exact opposite has happened with them. Believers in the magical powers of and performers of tantric sex they make their orgasms last for as long as 18 hours. Interested to know how? Hells yes!

So, what are they doing exactly?

Scott explains this as, “So, what we are doing is we are practicing tantra and one of the key things that most people don’t realize is that orgasm is different from the traditional release that comes from climax and so when you’re able to separate these things… you are able to have an experience where you keep going and you can start having multiple experiences and you start doing this for hours at a time and it builds, and builds and builds.”

This must be so tiring!

Melanie pitches in and says, “We practice tantra which helps us to pull the sexual energy up our bodies and re-energize ourselves. So actually the longer we make love the more energized we get. Both of us.” Scott agrees and says, “It works the same for guys. Guys can do the same thing that women can do.”

We are curious, does it feel like a normal orgasm or is it different?

“It’s much more powerful and more intense and it’s a full-body experience,” Scott McClure said. “You can have a full-body, completely ecstatic, blissful orgasm that’s actually more powerful than anything you’ve ever done before without the traditional release and the drain of energy.”

Can anyone do this?

Emily Morse, a nationally recognized sex expert, says that to be able to do something like this you have to let go of “any taboo or shame” associated with sex as well as your own inhibitions. Tantric sex is all about connecting your body with your partner’s body by focusing and zeroing in on each other’s energies.

Scott adds, “In order to do this kind of thing, you have to be open and be connected to your emotions, your feelings, and your channel so that you can feel the energy moving through your body.” He believes that this is how it becomes a spiritual practice rather than just an orgasmic one.

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