A moving collection of iconic photographs from the last 100 years that demonstrate the heartbreak of loss, the tremendous power of loyalty, and the triumph of the human spirit. Warning: Some of these will make you weep.

#15 A Young Syrian Girl

The picture explains the Syrian Refugee crisis more precisely than any article.

#14 All Cries

A 12-year-old boy from Brazil crying while playing Piano for his favorite teacher, who had taught him the power of music against violence and poverty

#13 The Savior

A firefighter offering water to a Koala bear after devastating bushfire dangered many koalas in Victoria, Australia 2009.

#12 Cyclone in Myanmar

The aftermath of the cyclone that hit Myanmar in the year 2008 leaving millions of people homeless.

#11 The Distorted Realities

An old WW2 Russian tank veteran is leaning towards the place he spent his time in the war.

#10 Love overpowers everything

‘Handshake’ above the graves of a Protestant husband and a Catholic wife in Holland, 1888.

#9 The Rich And The Poor

The terrifying reality of the hand of a starving boy beside the hand of a missionary.

#8 Father-Son Bond

Father and son aging graciously while standing by each other!

#7 Humanity

Christians protecting Muslims in the middle of prayer during the uprising in Cairo of 2011.

#6 Mother and Daughter Unite

She came after serving in Iraq for seven months.

#5 Love before everything

A couple embracing each other under a collapsed factory.

#4 Take Me With You

‘Wait for me, daddy’ Claude P. Dettloff (New Westminster, Canada Oct. 1, 1040.)

#3 The Futile Wars

A Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano.

#2 The search continues

And the pain too..

#1 Battle of Kursk in 1943

The moments before the war are so vulnerable!

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