Here Are the Toxic Behaviors He Hates Based on Your Zodiac

No one is perfect, and neither are you! These shortcomings might not seem like a big deal but they can dramatically affect a relationship. This is why our partners always seem to know what these little flaws are. If you are wondering what your flaw, then keep reading to find out!


You are not big on expressing yourself or really showing any emotion especially when you do not like something. This can make you feel very excluded but also makes others think you are very closed off. Open up!


You can often seem detached and this is because you rely on your brain more than your heart. Your boyfriend often finds it difficult to understand you and this is why he can never pick you up when feel down.


You know exactly what to say to others and this makes you look two faced many times. Your man notices this and it drives him crazy because he likes you for who you are!


Even though it’s good that you always put thought into everything you do, it can get annoying for him because it also means you are very indecisive. Start making decisions quick so he doesn’t get indecisive about you!


You have a big ego so you can react quite instantly when something bothers you. You can be quite blunt and don’t really care what others think about it. This can cause many arguments and only makes him mad.


You always put yourself first and this might have always worked for you in the past, but this will only hurt you in a relationship. You should start thinking about your partner in everyday situations because you are both in this together now.


You think you are the best but you can’t always force that on others. Your partner already loves you for who you are but you have to let them notice these qualities themselves. You should realize that no one’s perfect, so allow yourself to grow off your partner.


Aries naturally needs be in control which makes you seem bossy and demanding. Let your partner share their opinions and give them space to do what they like as well. If you don’t, you might catch him finding someone who gives him control too.


You are all about the grind and are always going out of your way to reach your goals. Even though, this is an amazing quality don’t let this keep you from enjoying and living life. What are you going to do with all this success if you have no one to enjoy it with.


Everyone can be wrong sometimes, but you think you are always right. Your stubborn ways can get very annoying for everyone around you but especially your boyfriend. Try being more open-minded and understanding!


Everyone compliments your work ethic and it has gotten you far in life but this also means that you don’t have time for love. Remember to value the people in your life because they are just as important, especially your man!


You know that you are an over thinker who stresses out over everything and this doesn’t hurt anyone as much as it hurts you. This can take over your relationship because you will make a big deal about situations because that don’t really matter.


Your man often struggles with telling you problems in your relationship because he doesn’t think you can handle it. You are very emotional and being so in touch with your emotions only hurts you in the long run. Keep strong because it will only make things better!


Never forgive and never forget is your motto. If someone does you wrong, you always hold it against them. Not only is this harmful in friendships but in relationships too because you are always quick to fire back, which can hurt many feelings. Ouch!


A Pisces’s mind is a beautiful place to be because everything is how they want it to be. Your partner just wants you to spend as much effort in him as you do on your dreams.


Mood swings and sensitivity are huge parts of your relationship. You wear your heart on your sleeve which is not only tough for you but also your loved ones. Remember to take care of yourself.

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