Love Vs Lust : Here Are 6 Illustrations Explaining The Differences

The difference between Love vs Lust is hard to figure out because both feels good, just that Love lasts forever, and Lust is love on the surface. Even after a lot of struggle you somehow manage to figure out the difference, it becomes hard to accept the fact.

Here are some creative illustrations that will precisely describe the situation of Love and Lust. It will help you find your status.

1. The Prior Choice

If S3x comes first and you the next, then lust is in the air. But you must cheer up because you are that good in bed. He is more interested in your body rather You.

2. The ultimate Care

If he chooses to impress you over your comfort, he is definitely being selfish. Whereas Love is when he knows what you need the most in that particular moment.

3. Differentiate the Efforts

Paying the bills and fulfilling the demands isn’t actually love. It’s when you support them through all the odds. Lust is show off.

4. Thoughts matter

Love is something way beyond the want for body whereas Lust is just it. If your thoughts are more into making out all the time and not about the how much you enjoy your partner’s company, it’s Lust .

5. No reason to Love

Love is pure, no conditions, no reasons, nothing! Lust is masked and sugarcoated. It’s extremely transient.

6. True is Love to see the best in the worst

If you always appreciate the appealing part, it is lust. Love is when you Love everything about them and find them beautiful even when they look worse! Accepting the flaws is Love.

Time to know where your Relationship stands! Love or Lust!

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