13 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Hello, ladies. The clothes your wardrobe are what you use to present yourself to the world. Those clothes may make or break your impression in front of people. Some of your wardrobes however useful they may seem, are making you look older than you are which may impact you in your love and professional life. Let’s look at what these different clothing ideas are that are making you look so much older and get rid of them completely!

Black looks great. Wearing black clothes makes you look slim. You can rock it for any occasion. Women get paler as they age. The dark circles and wrinkles tend to be more visible if you choose to wear black. We’re not telling you to stop wearing black because every wardrobe needs some black. We’re telling you to wear a colorful accessory with black. A bright scarf or a statement necklace will do just fine. If you’ve got too many black clothes, consider changing them with more neutral colors like olive or cocoa or even camel.

If you’re covering your arms, your hips, and your stomach with a big blazer then beware! You’re hiding your shape like that, and that is something that will make you look fatter. To avoid these problems, try a slightly tighter fitted jacket that’s also a bit shorter. This will promote your figure and give you a smooth line down to your waist.

We’re not asking you to go back to the 18-year-old in you that could pull off short skirts without a hitch but if you’re getting to a point where you want to dress appropriately for your age then don’t go all the way and wear super long skirts that graze your ankles. The best skirt height for you would be around your knee. Either above, right in the middle, or right below your knee. Anything would be acceptable, and you can experiment with other lengths too but try not to go too far from that guideline.

“The wrong-size bra makes you look shorter, older and heavier,” says Linda Becker, owner of Linda’s Bra Salons. The rule is that when you get a bra, it should hook up at the loosest hook and over time as the bra stretches you can move to tighter hooks but if you’re on the last hook or two even, it’s time to change your bra. Ms. Becker says you should change your bra once every six to eight months.

Getting stretchy jeans may be comfortable and you may love them more than anything else you own, but the truth is when jeans stretch too much they might look lumpy. They’ll look as if your legs are trying to break through them. The right jeans will follow your silhouette and won’t sag on your butt either! The best idea is to go for a 2% elastic fiber.

If your glasses are black and have a thick frame, then they will promote the wrinkles and dark tones of your skin more. As you get older, you should have thinner and lighter frames, for the best look. Some women do the opposite and get larger and darker frame to hide dark circles under their eyes. Avoid this mistake, and you’ll look a lot younger!

Jersey fabric will not give you the best possible shape. It could bulge and cling to your skin, making a little extra flab somewhere, ten times more prominent than it already is. Avoid jersey fabrics or go for a more rugged jersey fabric that hides any bulges that regular jersey may have shown.

You want to cover as much of the neck as possible, so you get a turtleneck, but a much better option is a V-neck or scoop neck, which draws the eye to your décolletage (not your cleavage). Collared shirts draw attention away from your neck while covering it a bit more. Try necklaces as well but don’t try chokers!

That bright neon dress might look great on your 16-year-old, but you can’t pull it off the same way she can. Shop for a wardrobe that suits what your age is and don’t be afraid to accept that because you will just look older if you wear similar clothes to what your kids are wearing.

Shapewear reduces the lumps on your body and gives you a proper, you guessed it… shape! But some women make the mistake of wearing shaping outfits to look a size or two thinner than what they are. Understand that shapewear is not meant to make you look thinner, it is meant to give your body a smooth look. Don’t go through the torment of wearing shapewear for a special wedding if it’s just not meant for you. Be comfortable with yourself!

A mistake many people make is to wear heels that are way too chunky. It makes the lower part of your outfit look slightly disproportioned. You can’t go wrong with a pointed toe shoe!

Tying a scarf around your neck is a thing of the past. It used to be attractive many years ago, but not anymore. Now it looks as if you’re cosplaying an air hostess from the 1960s. Instead, you can tie your scarf in a nice knot on the handle of your bag.

The age-old dilemma returns. Mom jeans are comfortable but don’t fit enough to give you any sense of shape. Go for the tighter fitting options, not too tight, but tight enough!


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