14 Things You Must Do In 2018 To Beautify Your Life Even More

Many of us are so busy in our lives that the new year 2018 would come and go like a wave and we’d be entirely clueless about how suddenly the date transitioned from 2017 to 2018. Apparently, there are also some people who already have their new year’s resolution ready, the same resolutions which they’re trying to accomplish since past few years but couldn’t.

Now, if you decide to give a little attention to yourself in the coming year; then you’ll not only be able to enjoy the fantastic transition and accomplish your resolutions, but at the same time, you will grow to become a person you always wanted to be. And to help, we at WittyFeed have handpicked things that you can do to beautify your life in 2018.

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Explore new places, learn about the different cultures. More than education, traveling can give you a good insight of how to lead a successful life.

  • “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Stay Healthy

In 2018, promise yourself that you’ll take care of yourself. Mental and physical health will get you a long way in life.



Overcome your fears

Tell yourself that you’ll overcome at least one fear in life. Say no to fear.


Learning is essential, and you should never stop learning. Make a learning group comprising of people you think can teach you things, plan a meeting with them and learn as much as you can in 2018.

  • “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” – Albert Einstein

Drop a bad habit

We all know our weaknesses, and trust me, there’s no better feeling in this world than overcoming your weaknesses.

Read at least five books throughout the year

I’d not suggest the five books here, but there’s no better way to learn new things than reading a book. It puts your brain into work, and you become a creator of something through your imagination.

  • “A book is a gift you can open again and again.” – Garrison Keillor

Manage your finance

Well, all of us have a list of things that we want to do with the money we have and the money we will get. But, a wise person will never spend more money than it has. Smart people manage their finances well.

Make new friends

Friends are your most significant source of happiness, and you can have as many as friends you want. As you’re stepping into a new year, be content to make some kind friends that’ll make your 2018 memorable.

Work towards your ultimate goal

Have one ultimate goal in life, that one thing which you want to achieve in this life and work towards in more passionately in 2018.

Take someone out, the one who least expects from you

Go out on a few dates, say yes to someone and ask someone out as well, maybe the one who least expects from you.

Save something for charity

Charity begins at home. No nation is perfect, but a few good people could work together and improve it. Save some amount from your earnings for charity, and help a needy person.

Change things before they change you

You need to accept the fact that change is constant and everything will change. If not now then maybe later; if not today, then perhaps tomorrow. So before the time turns you, work in a way that you can force the time to change.

Keep chasing your dreams

Everyone has a dream in life, you too. Keep chasing dreams until they become the reality of your life.

  • “Dream is not the thing you see in sleep but is that thing that doesn’t let you sleep.” – APJ Kalam

Take risks

Without risks, life would be boring. Take risks, through yourself into the moment, take wind on and enjoy this year like it’s your last.

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