Here Are 28 Amazing Things Moles on Your Body Reveal About Your Life

Cultures all over the world have developed somewhat of a fascination with the moles that grow on our bodies. The medical term for moles are nevi, and they occur when pigmented cells in your skin grow closely together rather than being spread out. A normal person typically has anywhere from ten to forty-five moles on his or her body. However, many cultures believe that the places where the moles are on your body have special meanings.

Here at Wonder idea, we’ve put together a list of what the moles on your body can tell you about your life.

#1 Pack your bags, because this moles means you’re going places

A mole in this position means that you could be traveling in the near future.

#2 Many believe that having a mole here means you’ve traveled in a past life

This mole not only indicates travel for recreational purpose but also a lot of work-related travel.

#3 If it is about work, then don’t leave the opportunity

Don’t lose this opportunity because maybe it is the start of something new and special.

#4 In Chinese culture, a mole on the side of your head has a special meaning

It means you’re a motivated and attentive person.

#5 A mole in the center means you’ll have a promising career

So if you don’t like your present job, don’t lose heart. Keep your head down and you’ll start seeing good things happening in your career.

#6 Down in the dumps? Don’t worry, it won’t be for long

If you’re going through a difficult period in your life, don’t feel down because having a mole appear here means that there are good times ahead.

#7 You might want to work on your communication skills with your boss

The Chinese believe that a mole in the center of your eyes means that you aren’t that good in communicating with someone who has a higher authority than you.

#8 Pay attention and speak your mind

The hard work and good communication skills are your key to success.

#9 Having a mole near your eyebrows reveals your priorities


A mole here means you’re really loyal to your family and to your home.

#10 It also means you’re a social person and get along well with others

There’s more, because people who have this mole are natural leaders in their professional and personal lives.

#11 You do each and everything for the ones you love

All the decisions you make are for the good of the people you love. That more you’re with them, the more happy are you are.

#12 In Chinese culture, having a mole hidden in your eyebrows is very special

Having a mole in your eyebrows means that you’re going to become exceptionally rich at some point in your life

#13 A mole near the end of your lips means you like having the finest things

Having a mole in this beautiful spot means you really like having the finest things in your life.

#14 However, it also means that you run the risk of being seen as selfish because of your materialistic nature

Your love of having fine things could lead you to ignore the needs of those around you.

#15 Having this mole means you’re a bit of an attention seeker

A mole here means that you always try to be the centre of attention during a social gathering.

#16 This mole means that you’re obsessed with yourself and the amount of money you have

You need to take one step back and reflect on how some things are worth more than money.

#17 A mole on your cheek can mean different things depending on where it is

If it’s close to your jawline and is away from your nose, it means you’re a born leader.

#18 People instinctively turn to you when they’re looking for a leader

A mole in this spote means you’re a leader not only in your professional, but also your personal life.

#19 A mole near the center of your cheeks means that you’re going to be rich

Like some of the other moles, this mole is also believed to be an indicator that you’re going end up being wealthy.

#20 But if the mole is lower, then this is a sign of loneliness

If you have a mole closer to the line of your smile, then you need to be careful because you’re likely to become involved in an accident.

#21 A mole on your palm shows you’re responsible when it comes to your finances

You’re good at managing your money, knowing when to spend and when to save.

#22 This mole also means you’re an ambitious person

It indicates that you’re a motivated person and you want to achieve bigger things in life.

#23 A mole on the the outer side of your hand means you’re a good manager

It indicates you’re a good manager of your wealth.

#24 You’re really confident when it comes to investing your money

And this is something that is plain for everyone else to see.

#25 A mole below your feet means you have quite the wanderlust

You have a need to travel around the world.

#26 You love being able to appreciate other cultures

You have an open mind and enjoy being able to explore what other cultures what to offer you.

#27 You command the respect of others in your professional life

People look up to you and seek you out for advice in your professional life.

#28 Having a mole here also means that you might have a lot of travel ahead

And when you do need to travel, don’t hesitate and go fot it. In all likelihood, you’ll end up enjoying it.

So now that you know about what moles reveal to us about our lives, how about taking a minute and telling us what you think in the comments below? We’d love to hear from you, and also please take a moment to share this with your friends and family.

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