Man In Russia Made His Wife A Victim Of Domestic Violence And Showed Pictures To Friends To Boast

This horrifying story is from Russia. You may have heard many cases of domestic violence but this one is extreme. This story shows the dark side of humanity that how humans could be so cruel. A 34 years old man in Russia beat his 28 years old wife to death. And not just that, but he also videotaped the whole thing and showed it to his friends because he wanted to boast in front of them that he had her under control. He beat her for continuous five hours until she was all black and blue with wounds.

Maxim Gribanov, a 34-year-old Russian man was married to Anastasia Ovsiannikova. Anastasia was living an unsatisfied and unhappy life with Maxim and was planning to leave him. But, Maxim Gribanov was not letting her go and used to show his anger by beating her every then and now. His anger was the only reason for Anastasia to leave him.

Anastasia, mother of two was trying to leave Maxim because of his intolerable behavior and domestic violence. But when Maxim came to know that, he beat up Anastasia for five hours in continuation which left severe injuries, blood marks and bruises on her body. She died six days after being in the coma and fighting for her life.

Her condition was so critical that doctors had to drill in her skull to provide blood to his brain. The doctors made every possible effort to give her life but all the efforts went into vain. Anastasia left the world after fighting for six days for her life.

This shocking news left us in shock and cringeworthy activity of this Russian man was definitely unacceptable. He did the whole thing because he wanted to boast in front of his friends. And it is shameless of them that despite knowing the whole thing and watching the five hours of continuous domestic violence, none of them called the police. They sold their morality for friendship.

The whole act of violence began at a cafe, in a public place, in front of so many people yet nobody alerted the police. He dragged her down and threw her in a car in front of witnesses yet nobody put a step forward. He took her to their flat and kept beating him continuously for hours until their neighbors called the police. The neighbors also informed her father.

The attitude of police towards it was very ignorant and they were not ready to take any strict actions towards it. The reason behind it is said to be the strong connection of Maxim.

One source said: ‘I know for sure that he was dragging her by her feet to throw her in a car at a local garage.

‘He beat her for 20 minutes inside the car, and no-one said a thing or attempted to help. Dear God, people, you are worse than animals.’

Finally, her father managed to reach her but it was already too late.

‘He broke inside the flat and found his daughter, but it was too late. Her bones were broken, her head was severely damaged,’ said her friend Anastasia.

‘I opened the door, looked inside and nearly passed out,’ said her father.

“She had a huge bruise on her eye, so big, it was all black. She was all black.”

Even after the attack, police were ready to downplay the crime, according to local MP Andrey Trofimenkov.

‘I decided to post this image online after certain suspicions appeared that he had connections in law-enforcement and so could hush up the incident,’ he said.

‘I wanted to help this case become as public as possible to prevent this.’

A friend of the attacker even admitted: ‘I was one of those who received these pictures.

‘She was like a bloody mess from head to toe. It must have been not dozens but hundreds of blows.

‘And he did a photo shoot to film her looking like this….’

He did the whole thing just to boast in front of his friend that he got her ‘under control’.

Anastasia aunt Tatyana Molchanova said: ‘I was ready to grab a pitchfork and sort this monster out. But he was taken by police.’

This was not the first time he did this to his wife. According to sources, he used to beat his wife every then and now and that was the reason his wife decided to leave him.

The police arrested him and he got imprisonment of 15 years.

This news shocked Russia that how dirty someone could get just to boast in front of friends. And not just Russia but it is the shameful thing to admit to all human caste.

This case of domestic violence was really extreme and horrifying. Spread this news to your friends to make them aware of the consequences of domestic violence on people’s life. No man has the right to beat his wife no matter what.

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