Heart Breaking Photos Of Syria That Will Give Goosebumps To Your Heart

Your newsfeed must be flooded with tons of post about #SaveSyria but, actually no one is really helping neither Facebook is putting this on trend.

As we all know if we all together pray for the Syrian people maybe God is the last option we can have to help them.

1. No words but we can feel him.

2. Silence speaks louder than words.

3. No words for this baby.

4. Oh God! save them.

5. I can feel you, child.

6. The worst.

7. We may not help her but we can feel her.

8. That’s why sisters are called another mom.

9. Every mother can feel the pain in Syria.

10. Trying to cover the pain.

11. Don’t bomb me again!

12. The one who should be kept like the flower is dirty with the dirt of bomb.

13. In constant fear of dying.

Let us all together pray for Syria and spread this situation of Syria worldwide.

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