Female Photographer Snaps Perfect Intimate Moments By faking Love with Strangers on their First Date

Since dating apps has evolved in our society, matching and compatibility have always been the main factor to generate a data of individuals around you that are deemed to be perfect according to the algorithm. Technology is just taking over everywhere, but to prove this means unbiased of clockwork intimacy, photographer Marie Hyld, came up with a project called Lifeconstruction. It is a collection of photographs showing bonding and affection.

The twist here is that Marie sets out to meet her Tinder matches and includes them in the collection concentrating on the body language and vulnerability of spending intimate moments with total strangers. She also included the amount of time she had with these individuals before the shoot in the photographs. Have a look, all of them have a unique interpretation that might be to your liking.













Marie adds, “I think we lack that face-to-face time today. We’re never really present in our interactions. As I see it, it’s getting worse and social media is largely to blame for it. It’s ironic that my project basically couldn’t exist without Tinder.”

Things can be achieved but the big picture we don’t see is the amount of realism included in those goals. All we gotta do is learn to ask ourselves, if it’s worth it.

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