These Prom Photos Should Never Have Been Snapped (15 Photos)

If you were blessed with the opportunity to go to prom you quite possibly had the time of your life while others might not have had such an amazing experience or you probably went and wondered what the big deal was and thought the overall event was overhyped. No matter what the circumstances of your prom festivities were they probably weren’t as bad or as hilarious as these fifteen couples and awkward situations that just happened to go down at these kid’s proms. Check out these fifteen hilarious prom photos right now.

Prom Or Wedding?

First and foremost, this young lady’s dress is a little on the tight side of things, her bosoms are ready to pop out of that thing at any given second, not to mention she went overboard in the tanning salon. Oh, and what the hell is she wearing a garter on her thigh? Is this prom or did they just get hitched?

Moment Of Truth

From the looks of pure joy and excitement in this young man’s face, he’s probably been waiting for this moment since his first day of school as a freshman and when this picture was snapped, he ceased the moment. Let’s just hope his pants fit the same after sharing this dance.

A Fairy Tale Prom

This prom photo is extremely cringe-worthy for all the wrong reasons. We can feel the awkwardness from this photo from over here. From the looks of things, the young lady on the left might have taken the theme of the prom a little too literally with the princess gown and what appears to be detachable wings.

50 Shades

We’re not exactly sure why this prom couple decided to pose this way for their photos but, we’re pretty sure the father of the young lady provocatively laid across the floor had a heart attack after seeing the photo. She definitely doesn’t appear to be the goodie-goodie type and the young man still appears to be holding on to his innocence.


We have so many questions we want to ask and so little time. First and foremost, who’s idea was it for this young man to climb atop this young lady’s back and ride her like a nare? From the looks of things, she doesn’t appear to have an issue with anything going on here whatsoever.


Senior prom is such an awkward time in young man’s life, it’s hard for some to secure one date, this young man was able to pull two! Not to mention, the planning and execution of his custom teal and royal purple suit. This young man is winning and is probably into polyamory to this very day.

Stolen Date

The frustration and anger on the young man’s face in the background of this photo is one thing and we hope his jealous streak has ended by now, but why does the young woman in the navy dress look like she got her dress from the Hoe Depot? Clearly, she thought stripper attire was appropriate for a high school prom, how awkward.

Kermit-Themed Swimsuit?

We’re not exactly sure if this young man met the dress code requirement in order for him to enter his own prom but he’s definitely making a statement with his choice of a neon green one-piece thong, lack of pubic hair, and frog hat. Also, no one in the background of the photo seems to care too much either.

Get Out

From the looks on this young man’s face, he just realized he needed to find a new group of friends or his prom date died the night before the festivities were beginning. Either way, we feel for the kid, no one wants to stuck with the lame or overzealous prom group.


80’s prom photos are always the best, the hazy quality of the photos, the no-smiling allowed rule, butterfly collars, and crazy hairdos always get us and from the looks of this particular photo the guy on the left used more hairspray than all of the women at the table combined to keep that shag in place. There’s also a healthy amount of mullets at the table as well.

Grippin’ The Package

This has to be one of the boldest prom photos in existence. Not only is this guy holding his junk extremely close to this young lady’s face, he was bold enough to do so in a picture. We guess, he wanted to let her know what she had in store later that night. Once again, extremely bold.

Shotgun Prom

Prom season has to be the worst for every father out there, not knowing if you’re daughter is going to be deflowered at the end of the night has to be a gut-wrenching experience for every man but, this guy has the right idea by prepping his rifle prior to the festivities.

Domestic Abuse

There are usually clear signs of abuse in a relationship but, you can’t get any more clear than this. Who in the world thought that it would be a good idea to reenact a b*tch slap for their prom photo? We hope this young man has found a group of supporting abused men to get through that troubling time in his life.

Rock Of Love

This kid looks like he’s gonna be starring in the reboot of Flavor of Love or Rock of Love on VH1. Legend says, that he was ravaged by all of these young women following the prom. You didn’t hear it from us but, he’s a father these days and could quite possibly be the next Hugh Hefner.

Mind In The Gutter

We’re pretty sure he was aware that cameras were around but, obviously couldn’t help himself from sneaking a peek at this young lady’s cleavage. Honestly, we can’t blame him, at his age with the number of hormones raging in his body we probably had the mindset. Kids… Do better, please.

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