12 Tips For A Healthy Relationship

The purpose of any relationship is to feel safe, supported and respected and the perfect way to enjoy a healthy and strong relationship is to avoid unnecessary disputes in the first place. No doubt, we are all dependent on each other to be emotionally taken care of, with no conditions, since we don’t want to feel lonely.

A healthy relationship helps us to accept one another as we are and stand by each other when in distress. It allows each one to grow individually and love, understand, appreciate each other always. Definitely, a lot of effort and time is required to maintain a healthy relationship. Nothing happens by chance or overnight. Patience is the mother of all virtues.

We Wonder Idea bring you some tips for having a healthy relationship!

1. Being Positive

The key to a healthy relationship is trying to be positive with your partner, as there are many hurdles to cross, hence, being positive is the most sensible option to implement. Insecurity is the root cause of dampening the relationship and making it unhealthy.

2. Open Communication

Communicating openly with one another is the next tip for a healthy relationship. Every matter should be discussed openly before one takes a step or decision, without seeking approval. You must agree to disagree, by keeping an open mind, as long as you don’t hurt each other.

3. Communicating Emotionally

Understanding what your partner is going through emotionally is very vital in a healthy relationship. Most of the time it’s your silence, your gestures like eye to eye contact or hand on their shoulder convey a lot, that you are by their side till it resolves.

4. Good Listener

When your partner is sharing or expressing their issues, try not to but in-between, in fact, listen to the whole thing carefully and speak only in the end. They must feel they are being heard and understood.

5. Trusting

Without trust, a relationship can never remain healthy. Trust is the foundation on which a healthy relationship is formed, by being faithful, being committed, always speak the truth and never hide things, have faith in their capabilities, say no when it’s necessary, give space to one another at times and leave your partner’s phone alone.

6. Future Plans

There’s a saying “Fail to plan, and you plan to fail” therefore, a relationship becomes stronger when you make sure that you are on the same page when it comes to future plans. So, discuss and plan for your marriage, kids, financial matters, buying a house, taking care of parents.

7. Respecting

How you treat each other in a relationship is a reflection of a healthy relationship like valuing each other’s feelings and needs, compromising, speaking kindly to and about each other, giving each other space, supporting each other’s interests, hobbies, careers, etc., building each other up and above all honoring each other’s boundaries, no matter what.

8. Spending Quality Time

It’s not quantity but the quality time that you spend with each other, that matters for making the relationship healthy. Go out somewhere just the two of you, try and recreate your first date, work out together or go on a vacation. Spending quality time strengthens the relationship.

9. Time Apart

When you spend too much time together then things begin to turn monotonous, boring and becomes a lot uncomfortable. Spending some time apart from each other rejuvenates the relationship, having a little individual space is very important. It’s like charging the battery when low, keeping it constantly on charge reduces the life span of the battery.

10. Appreciating

Appreciate your loved one with words, cards, flowers, surprise her with gifts, hug or cuddle them unexpectedly, hold hands while walking, these are all signs of you appreciating their presence in your life.

11. S3x

A healthy relationship exists because of a healthy s3x life, they both go hand in hand. The more s3x the healthier the relationship and if the s3xual activity is less the relationship begins to deteriorate. Therefore try to bring some spice and something new like having s3x in the bathroom, the kitchen, the staircase, have a quickie before leaving for work, try some kinky stuff if your partner agrees.

12. No Comparisons

People are never satisfied and never feel self-sufficient with what they have. Always comparing with other’s health, wealth, wives, husbands, lifestyles which deprive one of being content with what they possess. If you want a healthy relationship then never compare anything of yours with anything outside. Never bother about how tantalizing the world may look, just focus, appreciate and be grateful for what you got.

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