14 Signs That Your Relationship Will Last Forever!

The early stages of every relationship are super fun! Couples enjoy the closeness, the constant communication through texts, SMS and calls, and times when it’s difficult taking your hands off one another.

Every couple wants this romance to last forever. However, making a relationship last is not easy! We rarely know what fate has in store for us.

Statistics show that if two people date for 3 months, then the dating stage will continue for four years. Other statistics show that around 40%-50% marriages end up in divorce. Only 80% married or separated people believed that marriage is supposed to be for life.

However, not all is lost. Experts say that there are signs that your relationship will be just as strong and lasting even when you’re old and frail!

#1 Having fun even when you’re doing nothing

Being comfortable in your daily lives with your partner tells a happy story about your relationship. It means that you don’t feel awkward, agitated or discomfort spending time with your partner without doing any kind of activity.

#2 Fights lead to constructive arguments

Having fights is a part of every relationship. However, it shows when a fight is getting out of hand with lies and blames. If your fights convey feelings and lead to make your relationship better, you are on the right track to something solid.

#3 Supporting each other

Relationships go through lots of difficulties. It takes a lot of sacrifices and agree-to-disagree attitude to go through the tough times and enjoy the happiness that comes after. The goal is overcoming adversaries together.

#4 Your partner’s friends are your friends

Latest studies show that if your partner is comfortable with your friends, then it helps build stronger bonds amongst you. It also makes you more acceptable and closer. Partners see each other in a new light with these self-disclosure interactions.

#5 A lot of kissing

Kissing is THE most distinguishing feature of all romantic relationships. As time passes, the importance of a kiss grows significantly. A single kiss can convey a lot. Researchers found out that the more you kiss, the more satisfied you would be in your relationship.

#6 Making each other laugh

Laughter is such an important factor in any kind of relationship. It relieves loneliness, depression, stress, increases happiness and even boosts the body’s immune system. Most of all, laughter bonds people together.

#7 Discarding Manipulating behavior

Committed couples are always forthcoming towards one another. They don’t resort to games and manipulating behavior. Healthy relationships last long as people in them have the best interest at heart for their partner.

#8 Respect

For a relation to last and prosper, partners must have respect for one another. They must value each other’s ideas, their work, time invested, including ideas and thoughts. Without respect, the relationship will crumble under hurt and resentment.

#9 Tell them you’re grateful

Research shows that couples are open and not shy about expressing gratitude have longer-lasting relationships than most. So say ‘thank you’ and ‘I’m so lucky to have you’ every occasionally. And mean it!

#10 They make you better

You shouldn’t change for your partner, nor should you try to change them. However, inspire your partner to aim higher and improve yourself side by side. Small acts of care do pile up together and make a difference.

#11 You talk the same talk

Studies show that couples who often uses the same words have a higher likelihood of staying together than others. It does not mean that you agree on everything. That’s impossible and not advisable.

#12 You spoon when you sleep

Does any couple need a reason to cuddle? No. Studies show that couples who sleep closely – less than an inch apart – are more likely to be happy than those who sleep apart. Snuggling is the new long-term love!

#13 You are both in control

It’s hard to find couples who are both in control and not being dominated by their partners. It’s only possible if you respect one another and have mutual trust. You both are in the relationship and have equal control over it. Don’t let outside influence control your precious relationship.

#14 You trust each other

Trust is the cornerstone of a relationship. If you don’t feel safe with your partner then it can’t be called a relationship anymore. Paranoia and distrust will destroy any relationship and may affect you long term. Trust IS the ticket to a long-lasting serene relationship.

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