14 Funny Photos That Will Make You Look Twice

The internet is a goldmine of ways to waste time when you’re bored, and a personally we think that funny pictures is the best way to spend that time. There are a million varieties of photos out there to laugh at but there are some that are so goofy they will make you do a double take. We  Wonder Idea found 14 of those hilarious photos that make you do a double take, keep scrolling to see them!

Horses Gone Wild

We’re sure that this guy is absolutely lovely, but he probably didn’t expect his looks to be attracting this type of attention. I’m sure the horse meant it’s approach lovingly but with something of this size he’s probably injuring the object of his affection.

Drunk Horse

Man the horses are on the loose lately! Or at least these photos sure make it look like that. We aren’t sure how this horse on car collision even happened but we are sure that it cannot have felt good, lets hope they can get that horse out unharmed!

E.T. Is That You??

We are sure that there is some normal, terrestrial explanation for what this strange shape is, like scared cat or jumping up. But it is certainly more entertaining to think that there is some unknown E.T like creature come down to earth and caught on camera.

Someone Is Too Good At Photoshop

There is something weird and uncomfortable about this photo where a baby has been photoshopped onto the stomach of this larger gentleman. Maybe the creator was trying to make a comment about how his size is that of a normal man and another little person combined.

Not What It Looks Like

This is one of those photos where you think you see one thing at first but really it is another, so let us break the news to you that this girl is not grabbing her friend’s breast. She is actually grabbing her own arm which is wrapped around her friend’s neck.

A Beard In A Beard

Whoever gave the people of the internet photoshop should regret that decision because people take it way too far. Whoever photoshopped this clearly has way too much time on their hands, but we can’t deny that it is pretty hilarious.

Someone’s Priorities Are Out Of Whack

It is hard to tell if this is blood or a convincing look alike, but either way this person needs some serious help. Justin Bieber is a very talented musician but there is no need to take your love for him to this level, especially when this is in his terrible Bieber hair phase.

Love Knows No Species

Just like that horse and the human that you saw earlier, this little pair reminds us that, apparently, love knows no species limits. This pair certainly has a much higher cuteness factor than the first pair does because it looks like they actually get along.

That’s One Way To Deal With Body Hair

With shaving, waxing, laser hair removal and about a million other options currently on the market, it is possible to do pretty much whatever you want with your body hair these days. Why this guy chose to do this? We will probably never know.

Body Mod Luv

Sometimes when you make yourself stand out from the crowd, it can feel very isolating, and sometimes that really works out because you get to find the people that you really get along with. These two certainly stand out but in their way they are perfect.

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

The first question that pops to mind for sure is what are these guys doing? We think it is either some type of swimming or body building competition. The second thing is what is that guy doing there? One of these guys is certainly a lot less in shape and tan than the rest of them.

How Does This Happen?

There about a million problems with this picture. The biggest one that comes to mind is sanitary, it can’t possibly be good to put your mouth on the bowl that is regularly designed to collect human waste and flush it away. The second is just… Why?!?

The Internet’s Favorite Photoshop Troll

If there is one thing that James Fridman is best known for, it is his hilarious photoshopping skills. People will reach out to him across social media with requests of all types for their photos and James takes their requests with his own spin on it.

Choose Your Words Carefully

James always does what the people requesting ask but he takes any slack that they leave in their request to change their photos in a hilarious way. We’re sure that he actually does understand what they really want but that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

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