15 Actors Who Actually “Did It” On Screen

In movies naughty scenes have been used to lure people in to theaters, keep them inside, and hopefully get them to forget that what everything they’ve seen is fake so they can buy the merchandise that’s tied into the movie and even get it on Blu-ray or stream it online for a pretty penny and hopefully make more and more money off your sustained arousal at seeing make believe hank panky between people who are clearly faking it for a quick pay check.

But…what if I told you that there were actors who really did do it on screen? Not some fling they had while the cameras weren’t rolling, but the so called make belief hanky panky that was supposed to be fake was actually real? I’m obviously not talking about dirty magazines or videos because that’s something else and it would really silly to add it here… what I’m talking about are mainstream movies with mainstream actors who were supposed to be faking it, but ended up going all the way anyway for some reason.

There have been urban legends of some A-list actors doing it on screen, but those haven’t been verified. So what this list is going to focus on is the actual confirmed cases of naughty acts happening on screen or in the movie. So let’s dig into the 15 actual cases of actors and actresses doing it on the big screen.


Chloe Sevigny has a reputation of being the ‘coolest girl in the world’, according to The New Yoker magazine in 1994, and she’s done a lot of really cool stuff in her 20+ year career as an actress, fashion designer, and a model. One of the most fascinating aspect of her career was the famous scene in the 2003 movie The Brown Bunny in which her character, known only as Daisy, performed an actual fellatio on her counterpart in the movie, Vincent Gallo.

This actually caused a lot of backlash, and some critics believed her career would never recover from that… but she never ceased to be the coolest girl in the world and it didn’t faze her or her career in the slightest. Even the legendary Roger Ebert said that despite all her eccentricities, she is unforgettable and her character brought a certain specialness to the movie.


Anna Paquin is a Canadian born, New Zealand actress, and Stephen Moyer is an English actor and director. Together they fight crime…or at least they do in the dark fantasy horror HBO series True Blood. There are a lot of naughty scenes and highly sexualized stuff going on there, and as you would expect, the characters eventually would get on to actually having hanky panky on screen… and since Anna and Stephen were a couple in real life, the hyper realistic naughty scenes in one of the episodes was them actually bumping uglies in from the camera. Given what else we’ve seen, this isn’t a far-fetched idea.


Hayden Christensen was a massive teenage heartthrob in the Star Wars prequel movies where he played a whiny, angsty teenager, and Sienna Miller is a drop-dead gorgeous and highly talented actress who was in Stardust and The Lost City of Z (which I watched recently and it was very nice).

That being said, in the 2006 film Factory Girl, which was famous for its highly realistic naughty scenes, one scene stood out because a certain individual on-set pointed out that Hayden Christensen and Sienna Miller were actually doing it on screen. This had an impact on the film in theaters, but Sienna actually denied doing it, though she did insist that it was her acting skills that made it look so real…take from that what you will.


Kieran O’Brien was educated at a Roman Catholic school as a child, and if that’s any indication, you know he would end up growing up to not adhere to anything he was taught as a child. Margo Stilley is an American actress who was amazingly independent, having left her home at the tender age of 16 and putting herself through high school on her own and by working as a telemarketer and a lifeguard. She also had as few inhibitions as Kieran did. In the 2004 movie, 9 Songs the naughty scenes that they had was for real. Unlike many actors and actresses who were often in denial about what they did, these people had absolutely no problem in admitting that they did it.

Of course it did end up generating controversy. But you know what they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.


OK, so this one is cheating… slightly. The Notorious B.I.G, known affectionately as Biggie Smalls, was one of the greatest and most influential rappers of all time. He didn’t act in any films, so how does he end up on this list? Well, in his song Ready to Die, there were some rather interesting sounds of oral stimulation happening in the background. How did they get those sounds to be so realistic? Well… let’s just say it, he was being pleasured during the recording session. I guess when he was saying ‘I’m ready’ in his song, it might as well have been the cue for the person to go down on him to give it to him… yeah. That’s the life of a rapper I guess.


Robert Pattinson is well known as a star in the Twilight series and had plenty of make belief action between the sheets in that movie (which has suffered a lot of criticism and mockery over the years). But Rob did end up doing a naughty scene for real in one movie. Though it isn’t what you think. There was no other actress or actor involved other than Rob himself.

In the 2008 film Little Ashes there is a scene that called for Robert to have an orgasm, and he had a very real orgasm indeed… using his hand as his perfectly obedient little partner. He is known as a great method actor, and I think this shows just how far he is willing to go to get the perfect shot he wants…no pun intended.


Ahh…Shia LaBeouf, an actor who has been quite heavily mocked in recent years due to his political activities and attempts at motivational videos. Either way his iconic ‘JUST DO IT’ video has clearly meant something else. In the movie Nymphomania, he and Stacy Martin apparently looked at the script, which was supposed to be loaded with CGI fake vaginas and body doubles but was deemed too complicated to pull off, and decided to JUST DO IT! As Shia LaBeouf frequently likes to shout.

Of course Stacy did say that it might not have happened, but that could have been a way to get out of all the jokes she would have to endure, like the ones you just read right now…


Kirsteine De Bell was a Playboy cover girl, and Alan Novak was a notorious porn actor who was famous for playing Flesh Gordon. The 1976 movie Alice in Wonderland was an R-rated take on that was not supposed to be a hardcore porn film, the sex in it was quite real… and the oral sex that she was supposed to perform on him went above and beyond what was expected. The movie itself was actually well received at the time, with the legendary Roger Ebert giving it a favorable review. It was also a financial blockbuster, with a mere 400,000 dollars (1976 money) and raking in 90 million at the box office. I would make a sex joke, but I was to keep this at least PG-13.


Fionnula Flanagan is an Irish actress who appeared in both Stars Trek spin-offs and Star Wars spin-offs (The Ewok Adventure), and Chris O’Neill was a comedy actors whose biggest roles came after this film. The 1985 film, James Joyce’s Women was a story between two lovebirds in 19th century Ireland, where they end up with that some rather scandalous looking scenes (by 19th century standards), and the sex they had… yeah, the ultimate scandalousness of the 19th century, premarital sex, happened on screen. I’m guessing the poetic way he approached it, which would have been really sappy even by 1980s standards, would have really blown away most ladies back in the 1880s.


The 2001 film Monster’s Ball was a film featuring the riveting romance between a windowed corrections officer and the widowed wife of a man that he had to execute as a part of his job, all of this without any of them knowing about it… yeah, it’s that kind of awkward movie, and it had equally awkward naughty scenes in it, too, and rather unrestrained naughty scenes at that.

But a lot of people really believe that the scenes were actually real, and while no one has stepped forward to admit it, no one has denied it, either. On top of that, there’s even more speculation that the entire cast and everyone on set at the time had to make an agreement to never talk about what was really happening. If that isn’t some major league tabloid material, I don’t know what is.


Lauren Lee Smith is a Canadian actress who is most famous for her role in CSI. Eric Balfour is an American actor who was famous for a slew of movies such as What Women Want and the 2003 version of the The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as well as TV shows like HBO’s Six Feet Under. Both of them had a lot of onscreen fake naughty scenes, which is what surprised audiences watching the movie Lie With Me when the hanky panky seemed a little too real for movie magic to be involved. In fact, it was real…unlike Monster’s Ball, everyone on set openly admitted that it happened for real this time, and wasn’t some attempt to gain publicity.


Anita Pallenberg was an Italian actress, artist, and model, and was called the ‘It Girl’ of the 1960s and 1970s. Mick Jagger needs no introduction (for those who do need him introduced. He’s a major league rock star, having been the founder of the Rolling Stones and was a major sex icon… well he sorta still is). Anyway, both of them were involved in a lot of bizarre stuff in their lifetimes (Mick Jagger notably), but nothing could have been more interesting than the 1968 movie Performace where not only did they actually have a naughty time with one another, but it was also an act of infidelity on screen since she was Keith Richards’ girlfriend at the time.

It was also a rather tragic story, since she was actually pregnant in 1968 at the time, and she had to have an abortion in order to get the role, something which she never forgot or forgave.


Another old timey case of naughty scenes on screen is in 1973, the film Don’t Look Now, which had a scene between Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie where they were supposed to have a “fun” time. However, the scene just kept going on and going far longer than the director wanted, and then he realized that, to use the words of Peter Bart, editor of Variety magazine, ‘It was clear to me they were no longer simply acting: They were f**king on camera’. This was no exaggeration. They really did come out in 2011 in Bart’s memoir and confirmed that those two people really were doing it on screen.

I’m guessing it gave the title of the movie an entirely different meaning…


Kerry Fox is an actress from New Zealand who was most famous for her role as Janet Frame in the movie 1990 movie An Angel at My Table. Sir David Mark Rylance Waters is an English actor who has more credentials than a stealth bomber has buttons. Together they acted in the 2001 film aptly named Intimacy that was based on the novel of the same name… and as you would expect from this, the intimacy that they showed on screen was quite real, as was the oral sex that was performed by Fox on Rylance.

It seems that no matter how much movies advance in fake CGI and movie magic, when it comes to sex, that’s the one thing that no simulation will ever fully capture.


Melvin Van Peebles is a long-time actor who was rumoured to have been “naughty” on screen in the 1971 film Sweet Sweetback’s Badasssss Song with one of the actresses there… originally he didn’t address the allegations, until recently he came up and straight up admitted that not only did he engage in dirty scenes for real on-screen in that movie, but he has an STD to prove it. Thankfully, it was 1971 and not the 80s, and the STD he did contract is something he can survive. It was, however, debilitating enough for him to be able to get worker’s compensation for it.

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