18 Embarrassing Nightclub Drunk Fails That Will Make You Laugh

Great thing about weekends is that you can enjoy the night long without being anxious about waking up at premature hours of the next day. Most of us want to feast and drink on Saturday. Deal with a hangover on Sunday. And back to work on Monday looking all fresh. How frequent is it that you get so drunk on Saturday that even Sunday is not sufficient enough to get you sober.

If you are ever glued in such a situation you will know what I am talking about. Even if you have had no such experience these pictures will give you an accurate understanding of how drunken people get.

1.How lovely you look in a drunken state.

2.Drunken best of friends.

3.An old man has some fun.

4.Guy stares at a girl as she poses for a picture.

5.When you send nude pictures in a nightclub.

6.Guy lifts a girl’s skirt as she poses for a photo.

7.Another girl is checked out.

8.A couple enjoys themselves.

9.A girl shows off her flexibility.

10.A dancing old man.

11.Guy pulls a girl’s shirt.

12.Girl makes an awkward pose.

13.A girl stuffs her hand in her mouth.

14.A man breaks a tooth.

15.Man spills his beer.

16.A girl makes a mess.

17.Guy is helped by a friend.

18.Man declares his sins openly.

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