18 Times People Took Posing With Statues To Next Level

If someone tells you that posing with statues are boring,it’s simply because they don’t know how to do it appropriately. The statues are alive, and you just need to turn on your creative energy to see that. To represent what we mean, we have gathered this rundown of interesting pictures indicating how innovative individuals can be.

In the wake of gaining amazing experiences – the most ideal approach to do it is to capture it with laughter. Kindly go through with all hilarious pictures and if you have photo like that then please do share with us in comments.

See with your own eyes and laugh.

#1.”Hey, let me help you.”

#2.Listen, we’re not going to agree on who gets her, so let’s just split her.

#3.All the Single Ladies:

#4.The Navy Statue Need Improvement:

#5.In Soviet Russia, statue gropes you!

#6.Feeling Hungry :

#7.Hey Sir shame on you:


#9.Hey Listen Dont talk:

#10.The kid is like “Haha. Hold it up. Haha”

#11.Deep Inspection:

#12.Hey you naughty:


#14.oh Shit:

#15.uff Hilarious:

#16.What he want to discover:

#17.Oh Mam please dont do:

#18.Lemme Fix it:

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