21 Funny Pictures Where Background Photobombers Stole All The Attention

Imagine yourself taking a picture in which a stranger in the background is behaving really weird and stealing all the attention. You may feel bad, right? But after watching is, you will not anymore. Because these funny pictures with weird photobombers are going to make your day. Photobombers could be annoying sometimes, but they are sure funny every time. And today we are going to show you such pictures in which the background photobombers stole all the attention. So, check them out:

1. Look at the beautiful faces. Wait, what’s that!

2. Apparently, the cutest photobomber in the background.

3. This woman definitely doesn’t like a happy couple.

4. This is the funniest of all.

5. And the girl thought the picture was about her but her siblings stole all the attention.

6. Aww! This is actually very cute.

7. When you are trying to take pictures but whale also wants to be a part of it.

8. Oh just look at the creepy eye in the middle. Actually, rather not.

9. Oh, that funny kid in the back stole all the attention.

10. When you are posing really nice but nobody is clicking pictures of you so you pose in others pictures and steal all the attention.

11. Can’t stop laughing after this.

12. The fear in his eyes is actually kind of funny.

13. Well, the background ruined a very pretty picture.

14. Look at the expressions of the girl in the back and wait, what the heck she’s staring at?

15. I don’t think it will make Kelly so happy.

16. The house in the advertisement and the house in the reality is just the same.

17. A horse with the most beautiful smile.

18. Creepy photobomber in the background.

19. Watch out, mister.

20. The man with the weird expressions in the back stole all the attention.

21. Hey, isn’t this the man from monopoly.

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