What If Disney Characters Were In Same-Sex Relationships

Disney has been a pinnacle of the stories that we spent our childhood with. From Aladdin to Jasmine, from Cinderella to Prince Charming, the love stories have been our definition of fairy tales. All these stories not only taught us the power of love but also to weigh everyone as an equal.

The rumor that Disney would make a movie on a fairy tale about two princes who fall in love went viral a few years back. The movie was believed to be an adaption of ‘The Princes and the Treasure’, a love story of two princes. Though the rumor was proven false by Disney itself, artists around the world couldn’t stop themselves to imagine their favorite Disney characters in same-sex relationships. And the results were more than awesome.

Check out these beautiful photos of gay and lesbian Disney characters.

Prince Charming and Male Cinderella

I wonder what his step-mother have to say about it this time!

John Smith and Male Pocahontas

Now that’s a Pocahontas Story I’d wanna watch. (Did I say that out loud?)

Prince Naveen and Male Tiana

Though Tiana still looks a bit younger than in reality.

Prince Philip and Male Aurora

With that face, anyone would want to wake you up with a kiss.

Aladdin and Male Jasmine

Though Jasmine looks a bit like Aladdin’s younger brother.

Eric and Male Ariel

Well, not just bringing the fairy tales together, the artists have also tried to ‘gender-bend’ the actual partners..

Prince Eric and Prince Philip

Well, the best part of this wedding photo is that Pope Francis is officiating it.

Grumpy and Dopey

Though their age might be a hindrance to us humans, we never know how the dwarfs set their rulesa

Merida and Rapunzel

Well, both wanted freedom from the bounds they were brought up in. Now that they have, I see the lights in their eyes.

Prince Adam and Gaston

When he was ‘The Beast’, Gaston wasn’t very pleased with his presence. But with his real form, maybe Prince Adam has a chance to win his heart.

Tiana and Ariel

These princesses are just too adorable with each other.

Prince Philip and Prince Charming

While one’s soul mate is in an eternal slumber, and the other one’s is lost, it’s only fair if they shared some of their solaces, together!

Mulan and Merida

The girls with fighter spirit, dominated by a patriarchal society – they have more in common than you can imagine.

Alice and Wendy

A little time in Wonderland will pretty much open anyone’s mind for some more exploration.

Aurora and Belle

Well, spending time with your love surely brings you closer.

Belle and Meg

I guess it’s only fair to ‘ship’ Belle with the Greek princess, Megara. Wouldn’t it be cool, if she had a ‘Beauty’ and a ‘Beast’?

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