Some the of Illustrations That Show the Hidden Reality of the World

In our tender era of childhood, we really were keen on watching the cartoons and have it as our greatest source of entertainment. Moreover, it was really not seen as a way that cartoons could really be a way to highlight the social issues going on around us and to school the children about it in a way that they might take interest in it. This method was first introduced by Romanian illustrators Horia Crisan and Bogdan Petry, who eradicated that distance between cartoons and real issues and used them as a way to educate the children about what is going on in the world. They have been doing that for more than 30 years.

The cartoons which they made show that how the world is going towards the doom by it ignoring the real issues and focusing on something rash and unimportant. Their cartoons portrayed the hypocrisy that the world is playing and take the attention of everyone to let them know what we are doing or what has been going on with us.

The man who pluck the fruit from the tree which was forbidden for him to use.

The baby which is all for the social media.

The future and fortune of a soldier brutally taken away from him.

A place which is both for the doctors of humans and animals.

Wealth has a totally different meaning in the heavens.

There are prisoners everywhere; some of them are inside the cells while some of them are trapped under their mother’s wombs.

True love is falsely interpreted.

When a revolutionary defeats a tyrant.

The cure for stupidity is knowledge.

That one teacher who is a legend.

The death comes for all in the form of a grim reaper at wars.

The way a brain works.

Time changes fortunes; it just takes a little time.

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