15 Viral Pictures That Are Meant Only For Women

Most of these disturbing pictures can only be understood by women. They are the only humans who can understand the value and weight of these abnormalities. Some men might be able to resonate with these situations but the likelihood of that happening is next to zilch. So for all intents and purposes, this article would be written from the point of view of a woman.

They’re both there

She got two tags both of which display conflicting messages. Is the dress small? Is it too big for her measurements? Only a trip to the dressing room will tell. She can never trust the letter on that hanger.

She is avoiding the glitter on her nails

Although she applied all that glitter on her nails with profound enthusiasm, she couldn’t quite anticipate the damage they could do once ingested. Someone probably told her to avoid the glitter or it could spell doom for her stomach.

Those trendy jeans

The worst thing about these jeans is how they’re torn in the most inopportune of places. These regions of the jeans tend to be places which our fingers end up poking out through. And that tear can never be chalked up to the latest fashion trends

No more makeup

What remains of her cosmetics has been turned into lackluster blocks which serve little purpose other than to remind her what could have been had she only taken the initiative to use it daily. Alas she was too lazy.

An embarrassing situation

Although her jeans tries to slip out from under her hips, when she does try to yank it up by the grooves, it results in a ghastly tear which can potentially give us a peek into her “secret regions”. Here’s hoping that she is able to fit into a new one.

It just broke off

When this nail latched onto her finger, she was expecting it to stay there and obey her wishes. To her predicament the nail just broke off midway and now she can’t be bothered to wear the nail no her other fingers.

Long hair

This is the biggest disadvantage of long hair, the fact that they end up tangling with each other and finding themselves in all of the wrong places. They stick to the walls, to the drains and to our hands! *ew*

Her eyebrow problems are taken care off

She wanted to go see the hairdresser and probably was on the way when those fancy Rayban glasses decided to give her a makeover of her own. She doesn’t need to go visit the hairdresser now, only the retailer who gave her these glasses.

Notice how she concentrates precisely

This picture sheds light into how this woman is able to maintain precise control over her peripheral vision. She doesn’t blink the entire time as she applies this mascara over her eyelashes. A truly painful game in patience.

Making it work

Women tend to get overly attached to their devices which are commonly used to keep their hair together. So much that even after the device has been worn out and outlived its usefulness, they continue to hoard and collect it.

When it doesn’t fit

Most women have probably tried to fit into skinny jeans which were probably too short for their bodies. The end result can be very seductive for some men, but it comes at the cost of tears and ridges spreading across the trousers.

Silicon genitals

Medical students would be able to relate to this picture. After all they are supposed to experiment with these devices before being allowed to practice on an actual human being. This makes sense as long as it isn’t being used for nefarious schemes

The marks on her stomach

This is most probably the after effects of a pregnancy, or maybe she was hit hard on the stomach as she tried to dodge her way through the lines in hopes of getting to the cashier before everyone else.

Skiny girls

The other end of the spectrum is skinny girls who simply do not have enough mass to be able to fit into seductive clothes. They need to bulk up more and exercise in the gym. They need to follow up a proper regime.

Can’t fit into those heels

She purchased these heels from over the internet but didn’t anticipate running into any problems. The end result is that she is now unable to squeeze into these heels without struggling. They are far too small for her, so she has to fold her feet in a hilarious manner.

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