15 People Who Never Learnt How Pants Work

Let’s face it, we all have something in life that we consistently struggle with.

For some it might be financial, like paying taxes. Others struggle with emotions, perhaps they find it hard to communicate how they really feel.

Everyone has something, but you can rest easy knowing that you don’t struggle with the behemoth task of putting pants on correctly, like these guys.

1. It’s bad when you need to take that wide stance to keep your pants up.

2. What is that cord connected to!?

3. Ah the old two-jean look – in case you need to change your outfit suddenly.

4. They aren’t even flattering boxers.

5. It’s always Hammer Time for her.

6. Dear lord, even the most avid of Beliebers has to say this is pretty messed up.

7. This fashionista is going for the much-loved “ready for bed” look, consisting of pajama pants under one’s jeans.

8. He’s very conscious of his nipples ever being on show.

9. If you had legs like that, you’d probably show them off as well.

10. Do you want to try telling Brock Lesnar there is something wrong with his pants. No? Didn’t think so. As you

11. When bae gets handsy too early into “Netflix and chill”.

12. Now available in white trash.

13. You need any distraction available to keep people looking at that footwear.

14. Oh no Conan, please no.

15. It’s high-end darling, we wouldn’t understand.

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