53 Pics That Show Photography Is The Biggest Lie Ever

The internet is full of beautiful and amazing photographs, but do you ever stop and wonder just what went into that perfect shot? I’m not just talking about the digital manipulation side of the process, although there’s certainly plenty of that involved. No, I’m talking about the physical hard work combined with the often super-creative approaches that photographers employ in order to ensure that their final shot is the very best it can be.

Take a look at these behind-the-scenes pictures to see what we mean. They’re sure to give the budding photographer some fresh ideas while giving the rest of us an enlightening glimpse into the reality that hides behind many a perfect picture.

01. Miniature Car Models Create Realistic Historical Photos

02. Wedding Photography

03. Water Reflections

04. Life In A Drop Photography

05. Surreal Miniature Photography

06. Girl Enjoying Rain

07. Fox Close Up

08. Water Splash Background

09. Levitation

10. Wedding Photography

11. Photoshoot 25m Under The Sea In A Sunken Shipwreck

12. M&M’s In Water Drops

13. Floating

14. How Landscape Photos Are Really Made

15. Splashing Roses Photography

16. Underwater Photoshoot

17. Heart-shaped Photo

18. Levitation Shot

19. How Rare White Curtain Auroras Are Made

20. Burning Lava

21. Mirror Lake

23. “Milk” In Cereal Commercials Is Often Glue

24. Creating An Indoor Blizzard

25. Bouncing Baby

26. Rock Climber

27. That’s How It Looks Like In Real Life

28. The Illusion Of Different Spaces

29. Close-ups Of Snowflakes

30. Dreamy Effect

31. Wedding Photography

32. Underwater Dog

33. Background Trick

34. Perfume On A Glassy Surface

35. Umbrella

36. Underwater Photoshoot

37. How Mountains Landscape Photos Are Made Of

38. Levitation Shoot

39. Volcano Photography

40. Flour Photoshoot

41. Macro Photography

42. Food Styling Photography

43. Surrealistic Photoshoot In The Sea

44. Aurora Borealis

45. Sinking Photography

46. Baby Photography

47. Levitation Photography

48. Romantic Couple Photoshoot

49. Capturing The Hummingbirds With 3d Camera

50. A Long-Exposure Picture While Zooming Out

51. Dreaming Of Flying

52. Bokeh Hearts

53. The Seashore

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