The Majestic Nature Of Chickens: A Series Of Stunning Photographs

Chickens are actually beautiful. Who knew? While they are certainly not the first bird that comes to mind when you think ‘majestic’, chickens can certainly hold their own when it comes to looking glam for the camera. Seriously, turns out they’re naturals at modeling; they were born to pose! But even if most people are unable to appreciate the innate charm of the domesticated fowl, one person who definitely can is Matteo Tranchellini.

The Italian photographer has dreamed of flying since he was a child, which explains his fascination with all things bird-related, even if it doesn’t exactly shed light on his admiration for the flightless chicken. Anyway, a few years ago he decided that he wanted to have a pet Concincina hen and keep it in the garden of his studio in Milan. Embarking on this quest, Matteo met Giorgio, a farmer who invited him to an aviary exhibition. There the artist fell in love with Jessicah the Concincina hen, out of which CHICken project was born.

Collaborating with fellow photographer Moreno Monti, Matteo took over 200 photos of 100 different kinds of poultry at the Milan aviary exhibition. They got more than enough material for a whole fine art photographic book! But the two didn’t stop there! No, because Matteo and Moreno also created a series of photographic prints, posters, postcards, journals, and even what they call a “sexy calendar for adults only,” all of which features chickens! However, to realize their dream of publishing said book, the Milanesi needed some help, which is why they recently launched a Kickstarter campaign.

And if you’re still not convinced that chickens can indeed be handsome, take a look at these 15 prime examples of feathered elegance.


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