12 Indicators That Will Help You Judge the Control That You Have on Your Relationship.

Having a relationship and keeping or living with a partner is too common nowadays. People keep relationships because they want emotional support and help in dealing with the day-to-day chores. You would listen it from usually everyone that their partner is the best, and they are having one of the most romantic and sincere relationships.

But the thing is that whether they are analyzing their relationship correctly? Well we have brought you some indicators that would surely help you examine your relationship in detail. You can go through the following list and question yourself, whether the said thing is present among you and your partner or not.

12. You are a witch because you know what your partner is doing:

There are many couples who talk 24/7 but still they do not know each other that well. A perfect bonding exists when you know what your partner is doing right now. For instance, if you partner finishes his work by 4PM and does not usually have his lunch on time; and you remind him to eat when he comes home. Then congratulations! You have passed this particular point. Because chatting every time never makes a relationship strong, it is all about knowing what your partner is doing or needs to do.

11. You call him every morning just to make sure that he wakes up early because he is a lazy lad:

Relationships are all about complementing each other.

No one is perfect, but every person is the best in some respect. Strong relationship never has two of the strongest and the most perfect individuals, rather it has two human being supporting and complementing each other.

10. You are having conflicts, not fights:

Many times you would see a couple fighting each other over something, just because they have different points of view. You are having a healthy relationship, if you are discussing the contradictions. You are not faking a breakup or quarrelling over something, to which you have difference perspective. Instead you are discussing the matter, understanding each other and negotiating your way towards the resolution of conflict.

9. You have merged your social circles into a giant social orbit:

Your relationship sound if you do not his your friends from each other. There are no “my friends” and “your friends” in an intense relationship. Understanding couples try their best to fuse their friends together.

8. You are well aware of the honeymoon location and the number of kids that you will have:

The emotional investment that you have in your relationship is direct proportional to the future planning that you do. Perfect couples know each other so well that they do not feel any difficultly in understanding what they need to do after marriage or what their partner and they have decided. Planning might include wedding plan, honeymoon plan, vacation plan or even family plan.

7. Your relationship is the main cause of jealousy to your friend:

People are jealous of what they cannot have. Having a sincere and understanding partner is rare. Hence making it difficult to have one. If your friends are jealous of your relationship, and they try to find a guy like yours; then you should praise the relationship that you have. Relationships nowadays require emotional investment. Once you invest, it becomes the biggest reason of jealousy among your friends.

6. You do not avoid expressing yourself, just because your partner will get upset or angry:

If you are expressing your problems to your boyfriend without any hesitation, then your relationship is far better than many others. Fearing that the partner’s mood will change upon share your problem would prove that the bonding between you is not strong enough.

5. Your Instagram is an evidence of how much fun you have:

Perfect couple do not need any vacations to stay happy. You can live each and every moment with full joy and enthusiasm. Never over exaggerate your feelings and do not tell your friends about how much fun you had with your boyfriend. Let your relationship to speak for itself.

4. You never doubt or fight him because he was busy all week and did not give you much time:


Understanding each other’s restrains and compulsion is part and parcel of a healthy and strong relationship. Just because he had a busy week does not necessarily means that he was cheating on you, he is working hard to make life easier for both of you.

The strength of your relationship depends on how you cope up with his busy schedule. And instead of fighting him, praise him and let him know that you missed him.

3. You would prefer your boyfriend over anyone:

You can leave anything for him. He is your foremost priority. If he finds a better job, you find no difficulty in shifting with him. You can delay other relationships, just to help him out and make him happy when he is feeling low. This combines into forming a firm relationship in between.

2. You never compete with each other:

A sincere couple will never compete in their relationship. It does not matter who secures higher grades, who earns better or who is paying larger portion of bills. These materialistic competition would bother you if you two care for each other. There are no ranks in love. You need to help each other out rather than competing and getting the hold of things.

1. He simultaneously plans dinners and organizes outing and trips for you to stay fresh and lively:

Your relationship is a team effort. You would never feel that it just you who puts the efforts, and he is just enjoying your efforts. If he cares for you, he will plan things for you just to make you happy and keep your mood going throughout the week.

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