9 Photos That Caught People Looking Very Jealous

Emotions are a crucial part of our lives, and something which we might consider insignificant, but may not be that much. People experience many things in their lives, and may express their feelings in ways which may differ according to different individuals. Happiness, sadness, fear and jealousy are just some of the emotions which we may have experienced at some point in our lives. What makes an individual experience such feelings and emotions? Human beings have this nature of reacting to various situations in life, whether positively or negatively. This reaction is a result of our emotional state that we might be undergoing. This makes one wonder about how a human brain works, and how one may not realize, but how his or her decisions may prove to be influenced by emotions and feelings, rather than rationality. Not always, but in a lot of the cases, it may prove to be the prime reason behind a course of action of an individual.

This leads people to think whether emotions of an individual are visible to the other people around or are they completely unaware of this at that moment and secrecy is maintained in this regard. Well, yes one can maintain secrecy, until or unless, the person does not reveal his or her emotions through facial expressions. However, at the same time, it is crucial to know that this is quite difficult for a lot of people because they have a tendency to reveal their inner emotions and feelings by reacting, and reactions are thus exposed by facial expressions, almost all the time, no matter where people are. This is experienced by people at homes as well as those at workplaces.

Here are these 9 photos which captured people who were caught looking jealous and insecure due to certain reasons.

9. Slip of the dress

As we glance at this photo in which we may see Sophia Loren sitting on the left with Jayne Mansfield sitting on the right, it becomes quite clear from looking at this photo how the emotion of jealousy, annoyance or irritation is exposed. These two exotic looking women were gathered together in Loren’s Honor at a fancy dinner party. It apparently looks like Mansfield wanted to be the center of attention alone and did not like the way Loren was being given importance at that moment as well. That was when she decided to gain people’s attention instantly when she most probably intentionally decided to lean over a table for a picture and exposed her breasts which made people look at her intently. Sophia reacted to this while looking at Jayne with a little expression of jealousy and annoyance where her true colours were exposed.

8. Reflection

Fat shaming and being conscious of how one may appear to be beautiful and healthy like many people may lead some people to think less about themselves and they may feel insecure and jealous while they are accompanying other people. Same is the case with the girl who is visible on the right-back side of this picture where she really desires to become a part of the four girls who are enjoying while taking a photo together but she thinks that she does not really fit in with the group so she stand back with that jealous expression on her face which is quite sad indeed.

7. Bouncing Balloons

This is a really good picture when it comes to the expressions of the people around and the way they are reacting as they may be feeling jealous or insecure. A woman who does have a good figure is walking by on a street and the people around her partially in a state of awe and slightly jealous as they can’t stand the woman who is walking with such confidence and style while not being conscious of what other people think about her. Their jealous, insecure and awe-inspiring emotions are being exposed as they react to this.

6. Dog’s toy

A myth prevails even today about men who own a dog may become the center of attention of the people he is surrounded with and especially women because they certainly fail to stay away from attractive, amiable and cute dogs. They may approach the guy instantly, talk to him and will certainly give him all the importance at that moment which can make anyone happier. An extremely jealous guy is visible in the background who is not comfortable with the way women are approaching the guy with a cute dog and are chitchatting with him continuously. It shows his inner demon quite clearly.

5. Junk in the trunk

The girl standing behind the girl who is wearing a grey shirt and a pink hat is surprised or jealous or may be in awe due to some reason which isn’t quite certain in this picture, but seems like she is quite inspired by her figure, the way she is looking, her outfit or maybe the aura she is carrying since she is looking at her with those intent eyes which clearly expose her expressions to a great extent.

4. Who’s hungry

It can at times be very painful when your hunger pangs can’t keep you away from showing off your true colours. Whenever we are feeling hungry or we really want to have something at some time, we find ourselves in a very uncomfortable position since we can’t stop craving for that, especially when it comes to food. The woman in this photo can’t get her eyes off the food which the man is eating which is highly pleasing to her senses, and she just wants to have it by all means. Her eyes show all the jealousy for sure!

3. Forever alone

There come times when every person feels quite lonely and left out when they are at some party or any place where they have other people around. Even if a person may not want to be with anyone, but certain occasions may make one know that he or she is alone and not that ‘cool’ like others who appear to be like it as they are accompanying someone. In this photo, the boy sitting on the left completely exposes his jealousy while a lovely couple is sitting right next to him and showing affection to one another which is certainly not making him feel anything, but extremely jealous maybe because he does not enjoy such relationship with anyone or he doesn’t have anyone to hang out with like that.

2. Cream trumps ice

The cute little by is eating a popsicle while his eyes are stuck on the ice-cream of a girl who is sitting right next to him and enjoying it fully. His eyes and his facial expressions clearly indicate that he is truly craving for that ice cream since it really attracts him to a great extent. The emotion of jealousy is quite visible over here and he does not even seem to care whether anyone is noticing or not because he just wants ice cream from that girl!

1. Winner, winner

It is quite difficult for many people out there to stand someone’s success with equal happiness and a big heart. Most people become jealous of the other people who prove to be better in something or beats them in something since feelings of disappointment and loss may make them feel low and demotivated. In this photo Andy Murray explicitly shows his jealousy when Novak Djokovic rejoices his success while handling his trophy with great pride and happiness resting on his face. Andy does not even want to hide his emotions since he can’t stand his win at that moment. He shows off his jealousy with his blunt expressions.

There may be a million more photos which may reveal how people may feel and react accordingly at many times in their lives and when such moments are captured they do find a valid reason to go viral. Negative emotions are something which people may want to hide and keep them a secret but when they aren’t kept like a hidden beast within oneself then definitely something is not going the way people want them to go and not making them feel right at all. Emotions of all kinds may make people react in ways which can make all of us wonder how human beings act in quite different ways with one another.

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