10 Ways to Save a Relationship If You’re Terrible Communicators

Communication is one of the essentials of the relationship which either make it or break it. Sometimes you are in a new relationship and sometimes you have been in a certain relationship for a quite a while now. But despite a peaceful relationship, there is something missing. What could that be? Probably, communication.

Try to answer these questions: Do you know your partner? Are you satisfied with your relationship completely? Are you able to talk yourself out easily with your partner? Do you think you partner knows you well? If the answer is no, you are going through a terrible communication gap which needs to be fulfilled because without it you would suffer and so will your relationship.

To start communicating with your partner right away might be difficult for you. So, here are a few ways you can follow to fulfill the communication gap in your relationship to save it.


Humor has the power to build affection for your partner. So, it is a very healthy option to keep your sense of humor intact whenever you are talking to your spouse. Even in fights, humor helps to calm down the situation and solve the problems. Also, humor is one way you convey your true feelings to your partner. You can also maintain the humor while texting to your partner and send jokes to them.


Choose intimate movies to watch together. Better yet, choose a movie day in a week and go out on a movie date. If you prefer to watch it in your bedroom on your laptop, that’s even better. Why? Because you will not only feel the need to get intimate with your partner but also be able to express it immediately.

Don’t only watch and get intimate but also discuss the conflicts showed in the movies which would help you see your relationship from another perspective and solve the problems. Also, you will get to talk to each other about your own insecurities which would help out your partner understand you better and you will also be able to understand him better. Watching movies has also been suggested by psychologists and family counselors. They say that watching movies together can help you communicate better with each other.


No matter how cliché it sounds but one of the main causes of all the problems in every relationship is the addiction with cell phones or other technological devices. If you are the one stuck with your cell phone, even if it’s your work, you need to get out of that zone and choose a time where you could put off your devices and focus on your partner. It is very necessary for saving your relationship.

Once you stop worrying about what your friend or your boss has to post on their social media platforms and look at your partner and give them a quality time, most of your problems would solve just by this little act which would need your focus. You would be ready to listen to what your partner has to say and you would want to speak your heart out too and have some fun. This habit of fully focusing on your partner while talking to him is also a sign that you care about him/her.


This is one of the gravest mistakes which you make so easily that makes your partner not share anything with you and later, it slowly ruins your relationship. You assume you know everything about your partner already, you think you know better, that you can read minds or faces so instead of letting them talk, you just assume what they have to say which make them stop in their way and decide to not share anything. Do not underestimate your partner and no, you are not a mind-reader. Your partner can have something completely different to tell you. So, listen with a focused mind and don’t be ready to judge or jump onto conclusions.


Whether you were late on a date or you forgot do something that your significant others had asked you to, don’t just let it go. No matter how smaller the mistake it, be sure to apologize. You don’t have to act guilty and say sorry but the better way is to make it up to your partner. Take them on a date or bring a little gift or kiss them sorry. Better yet, next time you are both together, cook for your partner something they like. Enjoy every time of your relationship, even apologizing!


If you feel that your partner has to tell you something but they are nervous to talk their heart out, ask them. Dig deep into your problems so that you can easily solve the issues out. Also, ask little questions about your partner which make them feel loved and understood. Know their little quirks, their likes and dislikes. Though these are small things but that doesn’t mean they don’t matter. Make sure you never miss anything to make your relationship better every time you two sweethearts talk or meet.


Yes, communication is not only about talking. Sometimes, your strong physical relationship can help better than anything else. It acts like a catalyst to an improved relationship. Your sex life defines a lot if you are happy in your relationship or not. If you don’t feel satisfied and happy after that, know that something is wrong. Talk it out. Don’t just leave out your sexual needs but discuss them so that you don’t suffer in any relationship.


You are often good at judging your partner and where he/she goes wrong but you put a blind eye to the things you are doing which are negatively affecting your relationship. Talking of removing communication gap, one thing people often do have a bad style of communicating. Either you use a lot of profane words or you are always ready to talk but not listen to anything your partner has to say, both ways your relationship is gonna suffer. Sometimes, you are short-tempered and that is how you ruin every good thing in the end. Whatever the reason you have got a bad communication style, you got to step back and keep a check on your own self.


There comes a time often when your partner loses it and screams at you. Be patient and listen to everything they say. Then, later be kind. Don’t light the argument. Hug them or cook them food. Whatever you choose, remember to be kind and not taunt them ever about anything. Accept that they are imperfect people like you and it is okay to lose cool sometimes. Kindness is one of those things which make affect people right away. So, if during an argument, you choose to be kind, you will be amazed at how easily your partner gives it up and is sorry. Chances are you might also get to solve the problem.


Communication gap is only filled with communicating. Make sure you follow the ways to having a better communication and how to have it at all if you two are too nervous or distant from each other. Don’t just let go because it is never an option because if you stop trying to make your relationship work out because of as little reasons as communication gap, there is no way you will ever be stable in any relationship. So, take the plunge and with a little effort you would be amazed how far you can go.

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