Top 10 Gems of Advice on How to Make Up After a Fight

It’s impossible to live under the same roof with your partner without ever disagreeing. Although it’s healthy for couples to have slight arguments, it’s not okay when they turn into something more serious. You may end up having an argument, but it’s important to know how to make up after one and to not let things get out of hand.

Wonder Ideas is suggesting 10 ways by which you can make up with your partner after an argument so scroll down and learn the tricks!

#10 Count from 1 to 10.

Take a deep breath and count from 1 to 10 the moment you hear something that you’d rather not have! Give yourself some time before you react. Counting helps calm you down. It will also help you from either refraining from making any comments or being more articulate with your retort.

#9 Say the magic word. Or show the hand.

When you feel you’re about to be pushed over the edge, use a special word or signal that will make you both stop arguing. It could be a raised palm as a sign of peace or words like “time out”. Pre-set these signals so that both of you know their meaning. It’s important to respect the meaning of these signals and to stop your argument immediately.

#8 No winning or losing.

This is not a game so there’s no such thing as winning or losing an argument with your partner. Even if you feel you are right, it’s not worth fighting over it. Nothing is as important to you as your other half. So don’t always try to have the upper hand.

#7 Choose wisely.

Is what your partner wears to dinner really worth arguing over? Think before you jump into an argument. Weigh the pros and cons carefully before deciding to approach the topic. You may surprise yourself at how easily you averted an argument that was not at all worth the time and energy.

#6 A hug won’t hurt.

After an argument, you tend to avoid any physical contact with your partner. But the funny thing is that a simple hug can re-establish your deep connection and wipe away the remnants of the argument. This is a low-cost therapy that smoothens out the wrinkles from your relationship.

Try and make up because Once You Let Her Go, She’s Gone For Good And Won’t Turn Around

#5 Don’t do the do.

Try to look at things from your partner’s perspective. If they forgot your special day and didn’t help with the chores, don’t always connect it to something more complex. Just look at it from the here and now point of view and try to empathize. This will save you from generating negative energy and harming yourself and the relationship.

#4 Things get better the next day.

Sometimes an argument fizzles out without a conclusion. You still feel angry and hurt. Stop worrying about it and go about your usual business, including a good night’s sleep. You’ll feel better and so will your partner when tomorrow comes.

#3 Humor helps.

Add some humor in the argument to melt it away. Take care not to be sarcastic or hurtful with the joke though.

#2 Put a finger on it.

Before breaking into an argument, rationalize with yourself. Put a finger on why you’re feeling angry or upset. Know your reason full well before taking a position.

#1 Don’t bring up the past.

Focus on the topic of disagreement without bringing up the past. The past is past so let it go. Solve the issue at hand and move on.

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