When You See It… (15 Photos)

Call it an exercise for your brain, but these memes are really gonna make you laugh when you finally see “it.”

These days everyone seems to be crying about how hard life is. Our parents are too strict. Our college loans are too much. Healthy food is more expensive than junk food. We need 20+ years of experience to get a middle-paying job. You get the point. While these points are all valid, we really do have it good. Sure, all those things suck, but when it comes to everyday life, most of us have nothing to cry about. If you’re reading this, you clearly have the means to the Internet, and a way to laugh and scroll through hilarious memes. And while most meme jokes are simply handed to us (in the best way possible), sometimes it’s nice to make our mind work a little harder. Call it an exercise for your brain, but these memes are really gonna make you laugh when you finally see “it.”

15 How Did They See This?

One of the best parts about owning a pet or two is watching them grow. From puppies to full grown dogs, from kitties to full blown cats. Watching them become the adult pet they’re meant to be is precious, which is why we take a zillion photos of them a day, to remember how they were. So when this person snapped a photo of her dog, she wanted to zoom up on the precious features of her four legged friend. And that’s when she saw it…

Her kitty was spying on the pair from a distance, and that cat does not look pleased. It’s giving major side-eye to both the dog and its owner. The amount of betrayal on this little one’s face is apparent. It’s not just the dog that needs to sleep with one eye open — it’s the owner, too. No one is safe.

14 Wait ‘Til You See It…

From a distance, this is just a picture of singer/songwriter, Ed Sheeran. What a hunk, right? This red-headed songbird is just casually posing in a forest among leaves. It’s one of those fall inspired photos every basic girl could ever want, right? With that many colorful leaves, the Instagram photo options are endless.

But that’s when viewers notice….

Those are not leaves. Those are thousands and thousands of Ed Sheeran’s face! His red hair and soft skin is camouflaged into looking like a bunch of fallen leaves! WHO DID THIS!? The Photoshop is so clever and sneaky, it takes someone a few seconds to finally catch on that this is more than just a picture of Ed. It’s dangerous! Imagine Ed’s reaction when he doesn’t remember taking such a fall-themed photo.

13 Stealthy

The beauty of different woods is their texture. No tree is the same. Like plants, people, and animals, they’re all uniquely individual. So whoever was building this school, and had to apply wooden doors to the restrooms, had a strong decision to make. (Please tell me you see the decision that had to be made…) One door looks exactly like the male appendage, while the other looks similar to a woman’s lady part… The workers could have used these doors anywhere else in the building, right? But they decided to place these where they’d be appreciated most: the men’s and women’s bathrooms.

Some may say it’s a touch graphic, but it’s not like the people who created these wooden doors designed this unintentional art themselves! This is just nature being nature in the most ironic way.

12 Amen Yoda

To many, Star Wars is more than just a few movies they’ve seen; some see it as a religion. It’s their source of peace in a cruel world; it’s their sense of calm during a stressful day; it’s their source of inspiration when hitting the gym — you get the picture.

Star Wars is life.

So it makes sense that whoever loves Star Wars has some of the memorabilia that goes along with the territory, right? And since you typically play and oogle at these little figurines, why not incorporate them as decorations around the house, too?

This person clearly had the determination to add Yoda to their family’s religious figurine set. And since this scene usually has all the familiar faces (Mary, Jesus, God, those damn sheep), not many people think twice when they stare at it. That is until you see Yoda casually chilling there…

11 Donald, Is That You?

I’m not gonna lie, this took me a second to notice. But now that I did notice, I can’t unsee that shadow. It’s all I see when looking at this picture now!

After reading the caption, I looked at the towel set and had no idea what this person was talking about. The I was thinking about the possibility of a hidden camera somewhere, so I was look in every corner. But that’s when I saw that the towel’s shadow makes the perfect outline of President Trump’s head. Like, the similarities are uncanny! His hair, his nose, his chin — it’s as if he really everywhere. I’m sorry but after seeing that in my own home, I’d have to rearrange those towels. That would freak me out in the middle of the night.

10 Watch Your Step!

From afar, all I saw was a fluffy white carpet. Personally, I am obsessed with all things white, grey, and black — especially when it comes to the interior of a home. It’s just so chic and modern. However, if you have a small, white, fluffy dog — maybe having white carpets isn’t the best idea. Someone who isn’t familiar with the layout of this person’s house could have easily stepped on precious Snowflake here! And can I just say, I must give credit where credit’s due. It’s incredibly hard to have white carpets without getting dirt and filth on them. The same can be said for white pups. Their eyes get a little gooky and their feet get stained. But this dog? This dog is legit as white as that rug. Good for you, guys!

9 Take A Second…

You guys, I stared at this image for two straight minutes — which is a long time in the meme world. What could possibly be hiding in this image that I don’t see? Is it something these dudes are wearing? Is something hiding in the background? Is it the logo on the dude’s hat? That’s when I decided to check the flood — maybe something was hiding on the floor tile, like a dog or something. AND THAT’S WHEN I SAW IT. Between the guy in white’s legs is ANOTHER human being! And he’s actually smiling! His teeth are so white, I have no idea how I missed him in the first place — but I did. And I could kick myself. (I’m also super creeped out…)

8 Ohhhh…

When I first saw this picture, I literally was like “Okay..and your point is?” Cool, there’s a creepy dude in the background of the picture staring at two people taking a picture together. Butt that’s when I noticed this girl’s lipstick is literally all over her face. And if you wear lipstick, or kissed someone who was wearing lipstick, then you know how much that s—t smeers. It gets on your teeth, your skin, and the other person’s face as well. It’s times like this that I understand why so many women buy pricey lipsticks — so this kinda thing doesn’t happen.

Besides all that, when you take a closer look at the creepy dude in the background, you’ll notice that he also has that girl’s lipstick all over his face…which means these two were obviously sucking face. And thanks to this image, the whole world knows it now.

7 Stay Dry, Folks

There’s nothing worse than waiting for public transportation when the weather conditions suck a**. Whether it’s wind, rain, or snow — it’s no picnic waiting for a bus or train to show up. You have to come prepared. You gotta wear protective gear and always have an umbrella ready to whip out. But some people aren’t so lucky. Some people don’t take public transportation and need to walk to where they gotta go. Just take the poor soul who was walking in this s—t storm. They were clearly splashed so hard by a bus or a car, that the outline of their dry body blocked the wall. You can almost see the agony just by this body’s outline. The poor dear. They’re probably still wet from this incident.

6 Wait A Minute!

When you’re scrolling through IG, and looking at every picture rather quickly, you’re gonna do a double take when you think you see someone’s bare behind. It’s mainly do to surprise or shock, but nevertheless, we still take a closer look. And in this picture’s instance, it’s when we took a closer look that we noticed this wasn’t a lady’s bare bum at all. This is just a dude’s arm that was in the wrong place at the wrong time! His beer also blends in with the water, which doesn’t give the poor girl any favors. Let’s just say if this girl really was bottomless, I doubt this hoard of men would be staring at anything but her. So thank goodness that wasn’t the scenario.

5 I Don’t See Anything?

It’s memes like these that make me wonder if I should be giving my brain more exercise daily. I stared at this image for far too long. I saw nothing but a pretty girl in an old saloon-inspired dress, chilling by what looks like a log cabin. What’s the big deal. I zoomed in and hour for a long a** time until I finally saw it…

THERE IS A CREEPY FACE IN THE DEPTHS OF THE DOORWAY! It’s so dark in that doorway, that it’s hard to see anything in it, but when you zoom in, you’ll see that dreaded mask (at least I hope it’s someone with a mask on…). What started as a sweet picture of a gal all dressed up, ended with some creepy prankster giving us nightmares. #SMH.

4 Fashion

At first I thought the joke of this picture was that one girl was looking at the camera, while the other was kinda giving the other a dirty look. But I knew that couldn’t be the point of this image. And that’s when I saw what they were wearing. Those aren’t similar color prom dresses — those are dresses entirely made out of condoms. I’m honestly saying a prayer to whatever God there is that these condoms aren’t used. Not only would that be unsanitary—and not smell too pleasant—but it would be sticky AF. Most condoms have lubricant already on them, so sitting down or touching yourself would only get that slimy sensation on literally everything.

So yeah, I think it’s safe to say these outfits won’t be at fashion week…

3 I Spy With My Little Eye

I don’t know when the whole ‘Send Nudes’ craze began, but it really took off. Maybe it’s when Snapchat began to get scandalous? I’m not really sure.

It started with people shyly asking for a certain someone to send them nudes. But instead of blatantly saying it outright, people started getting crafty and writing ‘send nudes’ with fruit, cereal alphabet letters, Dominoes — literally everything. And apparently, after being filmed on national TV, the dude next to this girl decided to get crafty with their demands, and wrote ‘Send Nudes’ on their computer screen — completely unbeknownst to the camera crew.

Now, if you’re a camera crew, wouldn’t you check the monitors of those around the person you’re interviewing to make sure everything is rated PG? No? Oh, okay.

2 When Selfies Are Life

Without even reading the comment, I immediately told myself how pretty this girl’s selfie was. Her dress is on point, her pose is killing it — she deserved a selfie of this kinda standard. And that’s when I saw the poor girl sitting on the floor behind her. She’s clearly having a rough night, puking her brains out. But instead of helping her dear old friend, she decided taking a shameless selfie was more important. And hey, maybe it was? Maybe her friend was at that annoying drunk stage where they’re beyond help. They just gotta sit there and puke it out. Who knows? Regardless, I would probably lose it if I saw image on Snapchat. Friends can be weird sometimes, so I’m guessing this is just the kind of relationship these two buddies have.

1 Betsy Deserves The Same Respect

At a first glance, this is just a simple cow taking a sip of water from the canal. It’s taken by a Google Earth camera, so there’s really nothing to see here. But then, when you look down at the cow’s face, it’s blurred out as if it’s a human on Google Earth.


I know everyone that’s accidentally pictured on Google Earth deserves their privacy and some protection from the creeps out there, but I never thought farm animals were included in this policy. But hey, all lives matter — including this cow’s. If sweet old Betsy wants a private drink by the water, then gosh darn it, that’s what she’s gonna do. I’m just glad Google gave her the same respect as humans get. Even if it did take us a while to notice.

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