According to Your Zodiac Sign How Many Chances He Should Be Given

The worst couples are who cannot figure out if they are together in a relation or not. Even before they finish erasing the cute couple selfies off their social media accounts, they are back together.

Sometimes we give a chance, or two, or three or even four. Do you want to be that On-Off couple? but how many chances are you willing to give before you let go a relationship? Let your zodiac sign decide, it knows best how logical, impulsive or emotional you are. So don’t wipe out those pictures yet or don’t update your facebook status, read this!

16. Aries: After an emotional break up, give him another chance

Being the first sign of the zodiac, you are a fighter, firm on your decisions, positive and confident. Aries can be snappish and abrupt too which can lead to their relations breaking easier. Give him another chance if it was an emotional decision.

15. Taurus : How about a 100 more chances?

Being a sign that is very committed, loyal and loving in a relation, if betrayed by your man, you can be cold as ice. So, give him that extra chance you don’t want to give him at all.

14. Gemini : You are too generous at giving chances

Being an air sign, you are overthinking the situation. Being the twin, your decisions change. You are willing to give as many second chances as you can. Learn to put your foot down if you have truly been hurt, don’t give second chances to wrong people.

13. How to evaluate if he’s an Air sign


Air signs gemini, libra and aquarius are very logical signs. They are extraordinary and seek knowledge everywhere they go. Hence the second chance given to them will be used to figure out what went wrong in the relation and how to fix it.

12. Cancer : Cut them loose instantly

Cancer being a water sign, is very emotional and also very sympathetic. Giving a lot of chances to people who do you wrong, nothing should convince you to let your feeling get played around with.

11. Leo : Give chances when they benefit you

You have a self centered attitude that is all about yourself. This is usually a good thing and saves you from being used. You are smart and only give second chances to people you feel are worthy of.

10. Virgo : Just give up already

You are logical, analytical and hardworking sign. This means that you work harder on saving a relation and build a positive and negative trait chart in your head. When you are done wrong, save your time and let him go.

9. Things to evaluate if he’s Earth sign

Taurus , Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs and very difficult to deal with too. They have their feet stuck to the ground and lack the craziness in a relation. If you think about giving them a second chance, be sure you are about to fight another battle.

8. Libra : No more chances, Speak up for yourself

Queen of second chances as well as very diplomatic in various areas of your life. You are the girl everybody loves to hang out with, love to work with and you are the girl he would take advantage of.

7.Scorpio : They Aren’t really second chances

You are a secretive and an emotional girl. You tend to give a second chance but never trust the person again.

6. Sagittarius : Is he giving you the chances?

You like moving forward and not staying in the past. Once you have been past a relation, it’s hard for you to look back.

5. How to evaluate if he’s a water sign

Cancer, scorpio and pisces are water signs. They are very much attached to their emotions and tell you very clearly how they fee.

4. Capricorn : Stop giving chances

You love having the upper hand in the relation and want your boyfriend to make mistakes. Makes you feel happy and content.

3. Aquarius: You do not give emotional chances

Instead of following your heart, you follow your mind strictly. It’s good for you as it keep your out of unhealthy relationships. Sometimes let your heart do the thinking too.

2. Pisces : Avoiding reality?

Your emotional nature makes your forgive and forget situations very quickly. You tend to give a lot of chances, you should evaluate the situation and think before you make a decision.

1. How to evaluate if he’s a fire sign

Aries , leo and sagittarius are fire signs and are determined to get what they need. They are passionate about everything they do, so if they ask for a second chance, give it to them.

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