20 Pictures Of Naughty Kids Caught On Camera

Kids will be kids! While every child will (unfortunately) do something naughty during their childhood, these pictures will make you wonder what will happen to these kids when they grow into adults. D

20 De-Pantsing Boy

Maybe she deserved it. Perhaps this is a little brother getting even for years of torture. Or maybe the kid just has a naughty streak. He obviously knows he’s doing wrong based on the fact that he takes off the instant his mission is complete.

19 First Kiss

Kids often make dolls kiss one another when they are in their formative years. But this baby is going in for the kill himself. Ladies beware!

18 The Dirt Dumper

Boys will be boys and they love dirt. Shovel it into a bucket and mom smiles. Shovel it on to other kids and get branded naughty for life.

17 Un-picky Eater

There’s nothing wrong with a boy picking up a frog for a pet. But for a snack? There’s definitely something wrong with that.

16 Egg-splosion

This baby is setting a precedent for the future. Break one egg and it’s an accident, but a whole carton? He must enjoy it!

15 Baby Monet

Siblings are fascinated with one another. Perhaps this little girl was just trying to help the baby look nice for their next outing…

14 Burglar Boy

You never know what a bored kid will do in a store. You only hope it doesn’t involve you. This time, that hope failed miserably.

13 Bad Paint Job

You’ve noticed your child has an artistic flair. That does not mean it’s okay to leave him alone with a can of paint anywhere in his reach. Yikes!

12 Gender Curiousity

Many boys will show an interest in the opposite sex at some stage in their development. This little boy is going for broke and checking things out at the source.

11 Dog Marking

What’s more amazing? The idea that the kid though to use the dog as a canvas or the fact that the dog is letting it happen?

10 Potty Training

Perhaps these two should start potty training early since they obviously have a huge interest in the bathroom and all things involved in that area.

9 Double Grab

So he’s a butt man. That much is obvious. But he will need to be taught a little self-control if he’s to make it much farther in life with his hands in tact.

8 Animal Cracker

This baby has made a huge mistake. This is a real cat, not an animal cracker. Let’s just hope he doesn’t enjoy this taste because the kitten obviously doesn’t.

7 Pee Freely

By the look on his face it seems as if he is proud of his work. Maybe he was trying to write his name.

6 Time for Shopping

Not only is there a huge mess involved, but this family now has to go to the store if they want to eat this week.

5 Hide and Seek Champ

His parents are in trouble since he can clearly cram into small spaces. Now who knows where he will end up and when.

4 Ladies Man

The robe…the facial expression…it says it all. Watch out world!

3 Panty Raid!!

Mannequins are curious beings. This boy is even more curious…

2 Nose Pincher

And so the sibling rivalry begins…

1 Brother Bubble

The bubble is impressive! The sneaky brother is a troublemaker!

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