15 Adult Facts They Kept Hidden From You In History Class

I know for most of us, history classes have been a nightmare. The facts our history teachers told us, however, seemed boring to us all the time but, there is certainly something hidden in those same boring history books.

You were a school student then, you simply slept in the class after listening to those boring history lessons. Who knew that the same old books have something to unveil to all of you. What’s fascinating? Our history teachers ofcourse. They have mastered the art of hiding all those facts from us and we have been ignorant all our childhood, we never noticed.

But, as we are an adult now, we may realize that not everything they taught us in class was cent percent true. There’s an absolute chance they have been successful in hiding all the cool stuff. And what’s best? Treat me like your new history teacher and let me tell you some crazy history things about the culture of sex that people used to follow in ancient times.

I’m sure, you would love to know these. So, let’s take a tour.

#1 Why was the vibrator invented?

The vibrator was invented for doctors who were getting carpal tunnel from using their fingers to give female patients orgasms in order to treat hysteria.

#2 And the brothels remained closed…

The 19th-century French poet Victor Hugo slept with so many prostitutes that on the day he died, all the brothels in Paris were closed because so many of the prostitutes took the day off to mourn him.

#3 That’s gross!

Frankenstein author Mary Shelley lost her virginity on her mother’s grave.

#4 Is that true?

Gandhi was extremely racist towards black people. He also slept naked with a lot of women, many of them underage and when his first wife was dying he denied the use of penicillin which would have saved her.

#5 Currency for ‘sex’?

In ancient Rome, there were coins called Spintria. That currency was redeemable in sex acts instead of comparatively dowdy metals or grain.

#6 The Roman army men…

In the Roman Army, it was expected for younger officers to make themselves sexually available to their superiors, and call them ‘father’.

#7 Love for menstrual blood?

Isaac Newton was said to have died a virgin, but had a strange obsession with blood, specifically the menstrual blood of prostitutes, which he thought had magical properties. The walls of his room were painted red for this reason.

#8 Hardcore pornography

It’s a common misconception that people were strait-laced 100 years ago. Almost as soon as cameras were invented, people started taking nude photos like this and selling them as postcards (discreetly, of course). You certainly wouldn’t want to accidentally post any of them to your mum.

#9 A chariot of naked women!

The Roman Emperor Elagabalus as a show of power upon entering Rome to become crowned emperor, had hundreds of naked women drag his chariot down the streets of Rome.

#10 Cheating on virginity tests…

The ‘pure, virtuous’ medieval woman was expected to be a virgin on her wedding night. However, they had guides to fake virginity. One book states: “the day before her marriage, let her put a leech cautiously on her labia; then blood will flow out here, and a little crust will form in that place. In having intercourse the false virgin will (bleed and) deceive the man.” Urgh.

#11 Ancient dildos!

This ancient stone penis is one of the oldest depictions of male genitalia ever to be discovered. Although the word ‘dild*’ was not in use at that time.

#12 About Mozart!

Mozart was very fond of scatological humor. He wrote several songs about shitting on people or just shitting in general. He even wrote a song called, “Leck mich im Arsch” (literal meaning ‘Lick my ass’).

#13 Masturbating their patients

Women’s hysteria (i.e. anxiety, irritability, nervousness etc.) was seen as a serious problem during the Victorian period. But doctors discovered these symptoms could be temporarily relieved with a ‘pelvic finger massage’. Well…yes indeed.

#14 Ticking in history…

18th-century Empress of Russia Catherine the Great employed “foot ticklers” to turn her on. It was one of the fundamental technique to be sexually aroused in those times.

#15 The first cock rings…

Cock rings were commonly used in Jin and Song era China (around 1200) and were made from the eyelids of goats. The goats’ eyelashes were usually left on to add an extra bit of stimulation for the humans involved. Argh.

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