21 Design Fails That Meant Well But Something Went Wrong

Engineers and designers have always had great ideas… well, most of their ideas are genius. However, some of the ideas are such fails that they all immediately end up on some webpage to be ridiculed. That is how these “works of art” ended up on the Internet. Would you like to buy some of these?!

This is the strangest faucet ever!

What were they thinking?!

This is how you control your food cravings.

“Slim Fit”

The police of Warwickshire tried to find some criminal using this photo…

This is a really nice coloring book.

This will hunt me in my dreams!

Is this volume control a little bit off the center?

Well, this is awkward!

And naturally this is the only parking space that is not taken…

Nice Cable Management

This is pure evil.

They are all lying to us!

Nice place for a handle… Are they kidding me?

Nice Logo

Going Nowhere!

A photoshopped trashcan and a gigantic sushi… Wonderful design!

This book has a video for me to watch. I almost clicked it!

Ok, and where should I throw away my food waste?

My phone is drunk…

Come on! They could’ve fit one more piece!

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