This One Simple Question Will Help You Identify If Your Partner Is Truly “The One” for You

We human have the urge to love and be loved equally by someone else. In this pursuit we often waste our time and energies on people for whom we do not matter at all. We end up begging the wrong people to stay in our lives and be with us while the right ones watch us suffer but do not tell us. Often love is just around us but for some reason or the other they are hesitant to tell us about it. But we tend to ignore them and are unaware of their presence.

Love is a beautiful feeling. It has those unseen power which can transform you in to a completely different person and gives you the energy to accept the responsibility of a new person entering your life. It makes you feel drawn to that person and you absolutely love the fact that the other person can make you feel out of this world. It does not matter how much you have achieved as a person in this life but when you are in love the new feeling puts you on a roller coaster and you feel more energetic than before.

The important question however, is that how to ensure that the person we are feeling so strongly about equally feels the same about us. Here we will take you through a series of questions which will help you determine whether your partner is “The ONE” for you.


The obvious answer most of them will say is that “I love you” but if they are honest with you they might confess that they enjoy being with you. That is the time when you know that the other person might just like spending time with you and are not looking for a future with you. Thus you should also maintain your distance and not get so involved with them. Such people might only be looking to get love temporarily and get the royal treatment from the other person while being careful not to commit. Be careful and not get too involved with them.


At times people end up being with a certain someone so that they can be considered “Cool” or just because you are considered too hot amongst peers. Also this way they might also join the crowd and get noticed by people. They often get you involved and when they find someone better than you they might end up leaving you! Keep your eyes and ears when you are around such people.


People who genuinely love us are there for us for both in our good and bad times and will never leave our side. It is easy to recognize them because they love us truly and want to be there for us. Partners who are faking it will never be there and tend to leave our side when the good times end. You should be able to recognize this, like try noticing your partner’s behavior when you are down or you need some kind of support. One who is just faking love will never be there and make excuses, while the one who is really in love will do everything to help you get out of bad situations and times.


This is the one important question to ask if you want to know if the person loves you or not. The one who loves you will already be talking about the future, like for example meeting your family or wanting to get engaged, talk about moving in and stuff. But the fake ones will always give you vague answers or ask you to delay this topic and will never let you talk about it. It is the red alert sign which you should be able to decipher.


No matter what happens the one who deeply loves you will always make you their number one priority rather than just being there with you when it is convenient for them. You need to judge this trait of your partner in the beginning since this determines how serious they are about you and what does the future hold for you.


If the other person is kind towards others as well it mean that he or she is a good person by heart. The best feeling in this world is to give without getting anything else in return. If a person is generous towards others then this might mean that they are the right kind of person to be with and you must be happy to have found such a person. This is because it means that they feel the pain and agony of others easily so thus will have the same attitude towards you as well.


This is yet another important trait which can determine if you are with the right person or not. If your partner is willing to compromise on matters which are important to you then yes you are definitely with the right person. But relationships work best when both partners are willing to compromise in order to accommodate the other without hurting the feelings of the other person.


We often do not pay attention to this trait but it can be very detrimental to our relationship.

The way your partner treats you when it comes to arguments shows how deep the love is and whether it even exists or not. If your partner listens to your viewpoints and values that it means that they are the right person for your future and are worth being with. But if they do not value your viewpoint or just try to impose their views on you then you should be warned for the reason that this person will not value you in the future too. If you can value someone’s view point then it means that you value the person more than your ego. You can also tell this by the fact that how quickly your partner ends the arguments. If they realize their mistake quickly after the end of the argument and say sorry it means you are with the right one. I would not say that couples who love each other do not argue. But when there is genuine love they both realize that instead of getting it heated up it is better to end it.


If your partner is the “One” for you they will give you a lot of respect. The person who really loves you will respect you for the person you are because they love you as a person. They will respect your choices, will let you be the person you want to be, let you pursue your dreams and never force you for something you do not want to do. Such a person will also not impose their feelings on you and will want to make you happy at all times because your happiness is more important for them.


Communication is another very important factor in the relationship. The fact that you both can communicate with each other easily shows the level of trust you both have on the other person. You should not be hesitant with your partner about anything and if you do feel that you should not share something with your partner then it means that you do not trust them enough to share your private information with them. It is advisable that you be very open with them about the fact that you both must not be scared to share anything with each other.

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