This Haircut Looks Good on Everyone Without Exception

With regards to picking a reasonable new haircut, it’s hard not to lose all sense of direction in every one of the names and varieties. Be that as it may, there is one choice which, contingent upon hair length and orchestrating strategies, is probably going to suit anybody. We’re discussing the bounce hair style.

I welcome you to investigate a portion of the conceivable forms of this flexible haircut. Consistently global big name has just set out to attempt it. Who knows? Maybe our article will influence you to join the club!

Short Bob


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For girls with “baby doll“ faces (like Emma Stone or Miranda Kerr), the best option is a classic ear- or chin-length bob. Just don’t forget to add some ”careless” strands to the styling!


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Another popular version features long strands near the face and shorter ones at the nape (as worn by Keira Knightley). This particular haircut will suit owners of fine hair. A neat chin-length bob (as sported by Jennifer Lawrence) will appeal to those who don’t like spending too much time on styling.

Graduated Bob


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In this instance, strands of different length give the hair additional volume while skillfully hiding flaws and emphasizing winning features. Such a hairstyle will undoubtedly suit girls with angular features or a heavy chin, like Rachel McAdams (left).

Elongated Bob


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A good choice for those who tend to feel nervous about getting a new haircut. Even if the results leave you dissatisfied, your hair will regain its original length pretty quickly! Moreover, this option looks great with straight and wavy hair alike.

Here are some more cool hairstyling options to get you in a creative mood:

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