35 People Reveal the Things They’d Make Illegal If They Could

Life is full of many little annoyances. But unfortunately, you can’t put your co-worker in jail for chewing their gum too loudly. Or your neighbor who never, ever cuts their grass. Or even your husband who can’t load the dishwasher correctly. Maybe he needs to spend just a little bit of time in the slammer until he understands why cups on the top shelf…ok, maybe this is getting out of hand.

Everyone has those things that drive them absolutely crazy, whether they are actually bad and dangerous, or just very irritating, but they aren’t actually illegal. But what if you could change that? What would you make illegal if you had the power to outlaw anything? What would you make illegal?

These people gave their answers and most of them are super relatable. From driving etiquette to fashion choices to more serious problems like the mistreatment of animals, people had a lot of opinions.

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