16 Signs You’re in a Cult

Most of us have experienced some level of curiosity when it comes to cults. We may wonder how anyone could possibly “fall for” them…or we may find ourselves wondering whether we might be victims if the circumstances were right.

Cults often start out with such lovely, lofty goals: Jim Jones was a staunch supporter of racial equality. Father Yod was an advocate for natural health and a utopian lifestyle. Osho preaches that every human being is capable of unconditional love.

In short, it all sounds a bit too good to be true. And then you find out that, in fact, it’s pretty bad. Really bad, in some cases. We’ve all heard the horrifying stories of Jonestown, Heaven’s Gate, and The Children of God.

Still, regular people just like you and me join cults pretty regularly. Is there a chance that you’ve accidentally joined one yourself and don’t even realize it?


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