30 Absolutely Terrifying Cults That Want to Recruit You

Sure, sometimes we all make mistakes. We buy the wrong size shoe, we step on someone’s foot, we buy our sister the red dress we thought she wanted but really she wanted the yellow one. It happens!

No one joins a cult by mistake. People are tricked and lied to. It’s not a mistake, it’s people falling victim to massive manipulators. There are so many cults that are still surviving in today’s world, and there are so many that people know nothing about! And they have been accused of some very serious things. It’s seriously so freaking scary.

We all know Tom Cruise as one of the many faces of Scientology, but does anyone actually really know what goes on behind those closed doors? No? Well, that’s not surprising, but that’s why you have us.

Read on to find out more about these, quite frankly, sickening cults, that are out to get everyone.

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