30 Former Celebrities Who Went on to Live Normal Lives out of the Spotlight

An article recently made the rounds on the internet about Geoffrey Owens, who acted on the TV hit The Cosby Show, was spotted working the checkout counter at a Trader Joe’s. Although the article was meant to shame Owens for working a completely normal job, the internet came out in overwhelming support for the actor. Tyler Perry even offered him a job because he was impressed with his hard work hustling between gigs.

The truth is, sometimes people have to pick up extra jobs to make it work. And there’s no shame in that! In a job like acting, where your livelihood depends on booking gigs, it makes sense to take a regular job that you can depend on. Artists work hard to make their lives work in order to pursue their art and it should be praised, not looked down upon.

And maybe sometimes actors just don’t want to act anymore! It’s just a job like any other and as glamorous as it might sound, in reality being a celebrity isn’t the right fit for everyone. Here are people who took completely different jobs out of the public eye after being famous.

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