A Definitive Ranking of the 29 Best Cartoons of All Time

It’s been about a week since Adventure Time ended, so we thought what better way to celebrate one of our favorite shows by taking a walk down memory lane and exploring our 29 favorite animated shows of all time.

Whether you’re partial to those 90s Nickelodeon cartoons, or maybe you were a bit more of a Cartoon Network person, we’ve got your favorite. And hey, if you like those “grown-up” cartoons on Fox, we’ve got those too. What did you think this was, some incomplete Best of All Time list? No! This is serious. We don’t skimp. But if we missed your favorite, please let us know, because maybe we’re wrong. Even though we’re not. This list is perfect.

And don’t worry! There are no spoilers are in this article unless you’re like really weird about spoilers. In which case, stay off the internet forever. You have been warned.

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