This Woman Perfectly Explains Racism in 18 Emotional Tweets

Recently, Twitter user @MimZWay shared a few of the many experiences with institutionalized racism that her African American father had experienced. It’s an incredible story and a sad one. So many people in our country still find themselves dealing with this kind of institutional racism. While MimZWay’s father and his wife are doing well as of today, his struggles will break your heart. And, hopefully, get you in the mood to identify and fight such racism when you yourself find it!

MimZWay’s story begins with high school and takes us through her father’s time with the Navy. It follows his long quest to buy a house for his wife and children. Despite his eventual success, the obstacles in his way are infuriating. His perseverance, therefore, is nothing short of inspirational! Get ready, and read MimZWay’s emotional story for yourself.

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