30 Ways to Ask If Your Bae Is Interested in an Open Relationship

An open relationship is defined as anything that’s consensually non-monogamous. For some couples, this means polyamory, but for others, it just refers to being in a primary relationship that allows for intimacy outside of the relationship. Each couple defines for themselves what the rules of their specific relationship are — and they can vary widely from couple to couple.

There are so many different types of open relationships. There can be multi-partner relationships between three or more partners, hybrid relationships in which one partner is non-monogamous but the other has chosen to be monogamous, and even swinging, in which partners engage in sexual activities with other couples for fun!

Thinking about asking your partner if they’re interested in an open relationship? Becoming non-monogamous can be tricky territory, so we’ve got some tips and tricks on how to best handle the conversation with your significant other.


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