Flower Vase Hair and 10 Other Wild Hair Trends We’ve Seen This Year

Hairstyling has always been a big part of self-expression. At any given time, you can look and see something new and different that people try with their hair. This year is no different; 2018 has been full of bold, creative hair trends. And you don’t have to search hard for them—just the other day, a new look called ‘flower vase hair’ was born.

One Youtuber, Taylor R, shared some pictures over her Twitter and Instagram profiles. After seeing the extremely floral photoshoot Beyonce had with Vogue, she had an idea of her own. How could one weave flowers through their hair…in a more ‘practical’ way? Using faux-flowers, hair ties, and an empty water bottle, Taylor figured it out. Once she posted the pictures online, the style took off!

So, check out Taylor (and her fans’) inventive ‘flower vase hair,’ along with a few other wild hair designs from 2018!

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