16 Shocking True Stories of People Living in the Witness Protection Program

When you hear the words”Witness Protection Program,” most of us probably think of dramatic movies. How many of us actually know somebody who has entered the Witness Protection Program? When I hear it, I think of someone witnessing a heinous crime or a grisly murder and being forced into anonymity. They get a new identity and start over for their protection, and it’s a wild ride!

In reality, there’s nothing fun or glamorous about entering the Witness Protection Program. And, quite often, things go horribly wrong. It’s not at all what we think it is. In fact, a lot of people in the program are criminals and mobsters. Pop culture (and movies like Witness), lead us to believe all sorts of crazy things about the program.

The Witness Protection Program, also known as the Witness Security Program, has been around since the early ’70s and there are so many true stories we don’t know about.

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