This Teacher’s Furious Facebook Post About Dirty, Disrespectful Students Has Parents Up in Arms

Even though almost everyone in American was a student at one point, which means almost everyone in America knew and worked with teachers at some point in their lives, as a society, we mostly seem to forget how important teachers were to our development once we’re grown up and don’t need them anymore.

Did you ever have a really great teacher who completely changed the way you look at the world? (Or at least completely changed the way you looked at 9th-grade biology?) I know I’ve had a few. But what I didn’t know at the time was how much effort those teachers were putting into not only mine but all of my classmates’ education.

The New York Times recently ran a story about teachers and all the extra jobs they have to work just to make ends meet in addition to their full-time jobs. Teachers often work in coffee shops, drive Ubers, babysit, tutor, a million different things just to make enough money to live. All of this is in addition to managing classrooms full of kids, planning lessons, grading, and of course, meeting with parents who often don’t appreciate how hard the teachers work for their children.

Recently a post from a teacher in Texas went viral, and it made an important point about why teaching is an almost impossible profession: and not just because of the hard work.

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