Jenifer Lewis’ Shocking Red Carpet Fashion Statement About Colin Kaepernick Has Many Speechless

It’s not everyday a star answers “Who are you wearing?” with “Nike!” But Jenifer Lewis is doing just that at the Emmys tonight.

Jenifer Lewis, who plays Ruby on Blackish, rolled up to the Emmys looking extremely comfortable in leggings, sneakers, and sweatshirt. Her casual look would turn heads in any circumstances, but she dressed down for a good reason: Lewis ditched the ball gown to don Nike gear in support of their campaign with Colin Kaepernick.

Stars often use award shows as a platform for the causes they support and in 2018, when political tensions are higher than ever, it should come as no surprise that stars are using their time on the red carpet to make a statement. Lewis’ Nike gear was bedazzled with rhinestones, because obviously, it’s the Emmys after all, she still has to be sparkly. But more importantly it showed her support for Colin Kaepernick.

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