29 Bathrooms That Were Designed by People Who Have Never Seen a Bathroom Before

Everybody poops. (Hope I’m not blowing too many minds with that one.)

And so, when it is your time to visit the porcelain throne, you like to think that your needs will be met by whatever bathroom you decide to enter. Maybe it’s the bathroom at work. Maybe it’s at a gas station or restaurant. Maybe it’s even the one in your very own home. The basic bathroom should have four basic things: A toilet, some toilet paper, a sink (with soap!), and the ability to give you some privacy. There is no room for substitutions, here. If you ever find yourself in a bathroom that lacks one of those four things, you have no choice but to turn around and look for another bathroom.

And yet, there are plenty of bathrooms in the world today that lack even these most basic bathroom amenities. It’s as if they were designed by someone who has never seen a bathroom before in their life, let alone used one.

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