30 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Doctor Who

As one of our most famous sci-fi franchises, Doctor Who has quite the history. BBC’s iconic program has followed the Doctor’s exploits since 1963 when we were first introduced to the Time Lord from Gallifrey. Over the years, Doctor Who had its ups and downs, amassing 26 seasons before it was canceled in 1989. Despite the cancellation, a cult following had already formed. And, in 2005, Doctor Who came back stronger than ever!

With Doctor Who‘s latest season about to debut, we’ve gathered a list of incredible facts about the beloved show. From its beginning to the present day, Doctor Who‘s rich life is one worth remembering. Actors may come and go, but the Doctor is always with us.

So check out these 30 little-known facts about the wonderful universe of Doctor Who! Allons-y!

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