We Bet You Can’t Solve These 19 Nearly Impossible Brain Teasers

Okay, everybody, it’s time to get a little riddled. Nothing gets your blood pumping and your brain surging like a good old-fashioned riddle. It can cause endless frustration at first because they seem nearly impossible to figure out, but isn’t that what makes it fun?

Some may even call them annoying; I beg to differ. Is there any better feeling than when you solve a riddle? When you think hard enough and you have a brain blast? You feel on top of the world, a mad genius, a skilled investigator. Sherlock Holmes has nothing on you when you figure out a seemingly unsolvable riddle.

Here’s a whole bunch of clever, silly and nearly impossible brain teasers and riddles to make you feel smart, or really, really dumb.

P.S. We didn’t make any of these up so don’t hate us if you can’t solve them. Hate the mad geniuses who thought of these on their own.

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