29 Dumb People Who Got Caught Lying on the Internet

2018 is a strange year for the Internet. While many are out tweeting praise for our new Lord (Ariana Grande), the rest of the world seems to be on fire. There are people left and right boasting untruths and fabricating stories, all of which fall into the category of fake news. And yes, this habit of spouting wrong information has reached into the highest branches of government. But they are not the only ones.

People everywhere are attempting to lie on social platforms and mediums across the Internet. Do you know how much information is available on the Internet? All of it. All of the information in the world as we know can be accessed on the Internet. It wouldn’t be a smart move to lie on the Internet in 2018 since you can be easily proven wrong. It seems like the people below must not have realized that, or didn’t care if they were called out. And honestly, I don’t know which one is worse.

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